Omar Al-Bashir’s Wife Who ‘Stole’ Dead Husband’s Pension Convicted

Omar Al-Bashir’s Wife Who ‘Stole’ Dead Husband’s Pension Convicted

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

A woman who collected pension funds from a military pension scheme in the name of her husband, for 16 years, even after she married ex-Sudan dictator Omar Al-Bashir, has been convicted by a Sudanese court.

The Sudanese Anti-Corruption Criminal Court convicted Widad Babiker on Sunday for illegally amassing unexplained wealth.

She is the second wife of Sudan’s president Omar Al-Bashir whom he married just a year after her first husband – Ibrahim Shams Al-Din, an ex-army general, died in a plane crash in 2001.

After marrying one of the wealthiest men in Sudan, Babiker continued to draw from her ex-husband’s pension scheme for 16 years.

She allegedly used the money to purchase massive tracks of agricultural land, residential properties and gold artefacts.

But the anti-graft court found her guilty of immersing wealth, which she was stripped of. Additionally, she was fined 100 million Sudanese pounds ($19,197).

While convicting her, the court said that Babiker, believed to be in her 40s, could not convincingly explain how she came to possess a “fortune, properties and precious stones”.

The court froze funds she holds in two accounts at a local bank.

She has two weeks to appeal against the judgement.

Babiker who married Al-Bashir in 2002 told the court that most of her assets were gifts from her husband; only some were bought using the pension money of her late husband.

Her husband – Al-Bashir, is currently facing charges trial for overthrowing a democratically-elected government when he seized power in a 1989 coup. an accessible web community

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