ONC Head Hajjat Namyalo Launches Grassroot Mobilization Structures To Secure President Museveni’s 2026 Victory

ONC Head Hajjat Namyalo Launches Grassroot Mobilization Structures To Secure President Museveni’s 2026 Victory

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Kampala: The Office of the National Chairman (ONC) manager Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo Uzeiye on Friday launched a countrywide mobilization strategy designed to penetrate every corner of Uganda to secure President Museveni’s victory in the forthcoming 2026 general elections.

During a press conference at the Kyambogo-based offices, Hajjat Namyalo who is at the forefront of mobilization for ruling party Nation Resistance Movement(NRM) outlined the new nationwide structures at different administrative levels including; parishes, villages, Sub-counties and Constituencies.

According to Hajjat Namyalo, the structures are aimed at deploying dedicated foot soldier Bazzukulu at every level with a targeted approach of ten Bazzukulu per village, five per parish, three per subcounty, and five per constituency respectively.


While addressing the media, Hajjat Namyalo also revealed that these structures have been put in place ahead of time to create a formidable network capable of rallying support and carrying out grassroot mobilization for President Museveni’s 2026 re-election bid.

Furthermore, Namyalo noted that the foot soldier Bazzukulu will soon be empowered to kick off a spirited campaign to voice the calls for continuity and progress under President Museveni’s leadership which has already been embraced across the country under the #JajjaTovaKuMain2026 slogan.


Meanwhile, Hajjat Namyalo used the same event to interact with leaders and stakeholders of the fisheries sector and discuss pressing issues affecting their industry.

Led by Mr. Kambugu Godfrey Sseyonga, Chairman of the Association of Fisheries and Lake Users Uganda (AFALU), they highlighted challenges such as poor enforcement and illegal operations by the army on the lakes, resulting in injuries, loss of income, and discontent among fishermen.

”I among other leaders from this sector of fishing cried to Museveni to give us an army so that it stop illegal fishing methods, but as I speak now every fisherman is crying due to the poor standards the army has expressed in enforcing the fishing regulations,” said Kambugu


”I want us to be clear on this, we need the army on the lake, but soldiers be facilitated enough so that they stop harassing our people to get bribes from them. Then also, those errant soldiers illegally staging operations to steal fish from our people, be punished and kicked out of the army, we are tired of their notorious behaviors.” he added.

Mr. Sseyonga emphasized the need for effective enforcement of fishing regulations without harassment or corruption, urging for proper facilitation of soldiers on the lakes. He also addressed concerns about excessive taxes burdening the fishing community, impacting their livelihoods negatively.

”As we speak right now traders are crying about EFRIS, but these things started from our sector. Gov’t is milking from us several forms of taxes and, when you go on the ground, our people from most fishing communities are receiving the poorest government services. These are serious issues that our great leader Museveni should look into and solve urgently. Trust me he will scoop all the votes from the fishermen if these and many other challenges we have been telling him are addressed,”  Kambugu further noted.

Responding to these concerns, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo acknowledged the gravity of the situation, citing instances of army misconduct witnessed during her visit to Mayuge district. She assured the gathering of her commitment to addressing their grievances and pledged to advocate for their needs with President Museveni.

“I know most people doing these evil things are big mafias and they can even shoot me, but I was sent by Museveni to work for his Bazzukulu and so I can’t keep quiet as such continues to kill his support from fishermen and women. Therefore, I must let him know all these because fishing is among the key boosters of our economy and we can’t keep quiet as it continues to perish,” Namyalo said.

Namyalo disclosed plans to bridge the gap between the ONC and local communities by recruiting village and parish foot soldiers to facilitate communication and address issues effectively.

”Am happy that i have finally met you, most of these challenges i have been hearing them and now that you have clearly tipped me on what exactly you are facing, just know am going to push your proposals to our jajja and I know he will permit me to take you to meet him just like he met traders recently,” Namyalo told the fishermen before she asked them to put all their wishes in writing so that she can submit them to the president.

She urged the fishing community to document their concerns for submission to the president and reiterated the importance of continued support for Museveni’s reelection bid.

“Personally, people accuse me of exposing them before the president, but really, you milk over three forms of taxes from fisheries and later you hear them crying that some islands don’t have any government facility, so where does that money go, to corrupt mafias? These are things that surely the president is interested to know, he knows your impact and he really can’t stay silent as you suffer,” said Namyalo adding; ”But amidst all, remember that Museveni must stay on the ballot. So I request you to keep supporting him as we push for your issues.”

The meeting concluded with a sense of optimism as ONC Manager Namyalo pledged to champion the interests of the fishing community and ensure their voices are heard at the highest levels of government.

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