Opinion: President Museveni Hit A Jackpot In Appointing Dr Balaam Barugahara- Mwaka Lutukumoi

Opinion: President Museveni Hit A Jackpot In Appointing Dr Balaam Barugahara- Mwaka Lutukumoi

By Mwaka Lutukumoi

In Acholi they say ” Opuk ma laco ki neno I Mac!” That a male Tortoise is seen when on fire!”. Yes, president Museveni proved that he is not only wise, but loves his Bazzukulu and wishes Uganda well. 

Balaam Bagaruhara Ateenyi From Makerere University Fluker’s’ Association [ MUFA] to Minister; that’s why Dr. Balaam Barugahara Ateenyi’s appointment inspires millions and it;s Museveni’s best selection over 40 years.

When I saw president Museveni appoints Dr. Balaam State minister, I told my self,  “an egg can truly become a cock that wakes us up every morning when arched. “


Yes, by appointing Balaam, president Museveni sent us a clear message that he is a true grandfather to Bazzukulu, I wish he made a big announcement that he will let our generation be in charge, run for president and that Muhoozi project will comeback later. 

But sadly, Ugandans are afraid of bloodshed, yes president Museveni’s Bachwezi Dynasty failed because they were not God. 


People know Balaam as General Muhoozi and Museveni’s psychopathic…..now PLU. He is known as an events promoter but to think like that is pathetic and beats logic. I see graduation to the thought of removing a dictatorship with votes, Sham!

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The inspirational Minister,  Dr. Balaam I know bestows our generation. 


First of all, when he was awarded a honorary PhD, many ridiculed him but being factual, he is a wise and educated business person.  He is one of the richest and a great character and he developed traits of truth and justice! Forget his discipline, he does not only have a God and Bunyoro bestowed wisdom but educated. 

Dr. Balaam does not only possess the above traits but did a Degree in BCOM Marketing and Masters in the same.  I am sure many useful idiots in both National Resistance government and lumpens who joined to gain wealth must be ridiculing Balaam, I am sure many in opposition too. 

However, Balaam is one of the key brains behind PLU, he is the vice Chairman of PLU  in Western Uganda.  You think he would get that position if he was dull? 

Secondly, he has a 5 star hotel project, 5 Fm radio stations home and abroad.  He is one of the few self-made billionaires in Africa not like Mabaati thieves who have the guts of night dancing witches. 

I am talking of leaders who sucked and are sucking Uganda dry, we lose more than 600 billion shillings yearly on corruption as a country.  Some data shows that through institutionalized corruption, Uganda loses more than $300 million dollars.  Read our own UBOS and UN- Reports of 2016, we are at a miniscule 4.5 billion dollars GDP compared to Kenya at over 100 billion dollars GDP. 

Back To The Inspiration I Get From Balaam And Lessons Learnt From The Appointment.

I think Ugandans especially with youths being the majority population are blessed to have young rich and disciplined yet humble people now in leadership like Balaam. 

Many who knew Balaam just yesterday as a successful young man and sycophant are wastes. as my mentor Hon. Norbet Mao put it right ” No right to talk without  research, do due diligence and research.”  

I remember, in 2001 at Makerere University, brother Balaam and some of us were hustlers. I met Balaam when I was a MUFA, I would toil for fees and survival. 

Thank God me and Hon. Mukasa Mbidde were in Guild leadership,  Mbidde was president.  Ekudu, a Muteso was a friend, father figure and dean of students.  It was in 2001, when we fought to boost Balaam’s business of supplying the university with food stuff like Beans and posho in halls like U.H, university hall, Mitchell etc.

I am happy because, I was a member of “ Makerere University Fluker’s Association [ MUFA] Before I became a minister in Mbidde’s guild government and meeting productive and inspirational  Balaam .

Mbidde came immediately after Hon. Asuman Baslirwa now MP and president Justice Forum [ JEMA]. 

Yes, I was a friend of Balaam when we met Mbidde and Balaam was a very honest young business man. Mbidde, then the Makerere University Guild President loved him and was supportive. He would supply the university with food stuff a supply deal he secured after we convinced Dean.

By the way, even non students were MUFA members because in MUFA, you get meal cards so you can eat and get a hall of residence while others even access lecture halls.

The Balaam I know- best kept secrets. [ Reason Behind T-shirt Love]

He developed traits of truth and humility that made him liked his T-shirts, it’s not attraction for cheap popularity but  Balaam is a symbol of humility and discipline African young people must emulate. 

 In fact, if the president wants unending leadership legacy, let him declare that in 2026 the next generation must take over through a negotiated transition devoid of kleptocratic mind and power corruption. 

Yes, when I had that Balaam intents to marry in all regions to unite Ugandans, I said “wow”, I wish General Muhoozi can be Balaam. 

General Muhoozi, again congratulations upon becoming our army commander, CDF. If I were you,  I would concentrate on building UPDF, I hand over my presidential ambition for future and let president Museveni hand over Uganda to Ugandans.

In conclusion like I said,  Balaam exudes smiles not pain and he on a highway of being the best minister. 

If he can be elected Vice president of General Muhoozi in PLU, if he owns more than 4 radio stations in Uganda,  if he can own several hotels in South Sudan and Uganda including a 5 star hotel in Masindi attracting the whole president Museveni to open it in 2022.

If he is elected president the National Federation of Entertainment Promoters in Uganda , then we are blessed. Don’t expect the greed we have seen including in Parliament.

Can a billionaire who is humble and disciplined like Balaam Barugahara Atenyi still be stupid?

Thanks to God for him.

Mwaka Emmanue Lutukumoi is the former RDC Lira district, former Democratic Party National spokesman. He is also the former Acholi Minister for information and currently a scholar based in New York, USA :

Email: lutukumoifoundation.com1@gmail.co

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