Opinion: Why I Have Doubts In COSASE In Uganda Airlines Saga-Levi Eyaru

Opinion: Why I Have Doubts In COSASE In Uganda Airlines Saga-Levi Eyaru

By Levi Eyaru

As a person who has followed this country’s politics for some time now, I can easily tell the spirit behind this whole investigation.

Primarily, in my second paragraph, I still need to understand why Bamuturaki’s 87M monthly salary caused an unnecessary outburst in COSASE but ignored her predecessor’s over 120M salary – Mr Muleya, moreover not a Ugandan.

I’m still disturbed by all that because, when this whole thing started, the issue of salary was the most controversial at that time, followed by her academic credentials, which take me to the next point.

As a concerned citizen, I still want to understand why in the first place COSASE had to make her issues public that she had no papers but it was later discovered that the lady actually had them.


I would like to understand the committee’s intention of inciting the public with falsehoods.

If it’s really about discovering the “rot” in the company, wouldn’t it be better to do so without cameras and later informing the country after their findings?

Lest I forget, in the beginning, academic credentials were a big item, now, it’s not even talked about after she presented them – did the committee do this in good faith really? or was the intention to cause emotional damage to the lady? – very bad for our country and the company in particular.

Thirdly, when the former CEO came to the committee, he was only brought as a witness against the current CEO something I found to be ridiculous. In the early stages of the investigation, the committee was asking questions on issues of two years ago yet in this case it would be Mr Muleya the former CEO to answer. Lastly.

I have all the reasons to believe that this committee is being used to fight the CEO which eventually will damage the image of the company because, chapter 323, clause 8 of the Uganda Airlines Act of 1976 gives the president powers to appoint the CEO of the Airline, nobody else has the mandate to do let alone allowed to advertise that vacancy at any one point.

Question Is;

1). Why did it seem surprising, when she told the committee that she got appointed when she was preparing to apply? – is that office for applicants or appointees ????

2). Why did the appointment letter from the appointing authority take three months to reach her? – has COSASE asked those questions?

3). Why hasn’t the committee summoned the Ministry officials who kept the letter for three months?

Until these questions are satisfactorily answered, my conclusion is that the whole process is purely persecution of both the lady as a person and the company as a whole.

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