Our Esteemed Customer Wisdom Kaye Arrived At Airport Less Than 30min To Departure Time-Uganda Airlines Clarifies On Blogger’s Allegations

Our Esteemed Customer Wisdom Kaye Arrived At Airport Less Than 30min To Departure Time-Uganda Airlines Clarifies On Blogger’s Allegations

By Spy Uganda

After malicious propaganda was spread by a one Gideon Wisdom Kaye, who missed his flight on Saturday, Uganda Airlines has finally come out to clear the air.

Kaye who was supposed to arrive at the airport earlier enough for smooth preparations of his flight arrived at 9:30pm just minutes before the take-off of his flight that was scheduled for 10pm.

The Uganda Airlines management also used the opportunity and urged Ugandans to learn to keep time because the national carrier operates on international standards and therefore all passengers should follow the rules and regulations of their flights.

”Our esteemed customer Mr. Kaye Gideon Wisdom arrived at the airport after 2130hrs for a departure of 22:00hrs. Ugandans should know that Uganda Airlines, like all other Airlines, will leave on time and will not compromise on that. We’re working on International standards.”

The Airline adds, ”In brief, Kaye was left behind because he was late, via his Facebook he claims that the plane left before the time stated on his ticket. He should know that by the time he arrived, we had not yet gotten to the skies but at that time we had already closed the gates and doing briefing on weather forecasts, safety precautions, and cabin crew trying to organize the luggage inside the plane and ensuring that everyone inside has taken a seat and comfortable.”

Meanwhile, some netizens have lectured villager Kaye that he should know the Airline doesn’t operate like a bus that will allow you in even at the last minute.

Musoke Absolom: Bambi someone should tell him that airlines operates differently from Gateway buses 🚌
Ben Byarabaha: He is not a frequent flier! At least he has learnt

Kalule Abdallah: I said it, to them it’s ok for any international airline to leave them but not ok for Uganda airline to leave them because it’s going to Uganda and they’re Ugandans.. endeavour to educate your child!!!


Gomu Ug: Kaye just alina amalo. He even doesn’t know that check in closes 1hr to the flight for all airports unless otherwise and he doesn’t know those rules are for the airport not an airline.

Moses K Walugembe: They didn’t need to explain. The guy was complaining out of ignorance. Whoever has travelled before knows Check-in closes an hour before actual departure. He was indeed lucky it was Uganda to get people to talk to, otherwise if it was a busy airport he would find a different airline occupying those check-in desks when yours have vacated them and when the luggage conveyor belts are destined for another aircraft.

Nicholas Turyahabwe: Uganda airlines shouldn’t have bothered explaining. At least people who are used to travel or have potential of traveling knew Kaye was just being dishonest with himself

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