Pakistan,India In New Clash Over Kashmir

Pakistan,India In New Clash Over Kashmir

By Agencies

A bitter row is raging on between India and Pakista over the city of Kashmir, a few days after India issued a directive stripping Kashmir of the Special Autonomy Status, which it had been granted several years back.

Earlier on Sunday, the Indian government abolished Article 370 of the constitution, which granted special autonomy to the Muslim-majority state of Jammu and Kashmir, controlled by India. The special autonomy allowed the state’s legislature to make its own laws. It also banned people from outside the state from getting state government positions.

But Pakistan’s
Foreign Minister Mehmood Qureshi has condemned India’s move to revoke the
special status of Jammu and Kashmir, saying that the revocation breaches a UN
resolution on the status of the territory.

Earlier in the
day, India’s government annulled Kashmir’s special status following a
presidential decree.

According to a
copy of the order, the revocation of Article 370 will “come into force at
once” and will “supersede the Constitution.”

However, this has
sparked off mixed feelings among people in Kashmir and Pakistani.  This is because there were several atrocities
that were committed in Kashmir in the past decades as a result of  the struggle between Pakistan and India  over who should control the town.

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