PAP Global Awards 2023: Here Is Why Joshua Maponga Was Recognized!

PAP Global Awards 2023: Here Is Why Joshua Maponga Was Recognized!

By Spy Uganda

It was pomp and glamour on Saturday 26th August 2023 at Fairway Hotel where Pan African Pyramid (PAP) an umbrella organization for Pan Africanists across the globe, hosted the 6th edition of its awards commonly known as PAP Global Awards, an event that attracted hundreds of Pan Africanists to celebrate their forefathers.

The event that saw hundreds of participants proudly clad in their charming African attires was graced by famous Pan-Africanist dubbed Seventh Day Adventist Church Bishop Joshua Marara III Maponga from Zimbabwe and his wife, Cuban Ambassador to Uganda H.E Mrs.Tania Perez, UN Peace Keeping Ambassador to East Africa HE. Paul Flynn, a representative from the family of Martin Luther King Junior, and officials from various pro-African NGOs, cultural chiefs and politicians.

This year, PAP recognized 11 Pan Africanists, among them including Bishop Maponga who scooped African Philosopher Award.

Here We Analyse Why PAP Awarding Committee Recognized Bishop Maponga

Joshua Maponga is renowned Zimbabwean born preacher, philosopher, motivational public speaker, theologian, author, writer, musician, entrepreneur and internationally acclaimed unparalled Pan-Africanist.

Joshua Marara Maponga 111, was born in masvingo province, Zimbabwe in 1973. The 49 year old moved to South Africa in his early days and later relocated to Swaziland before eventually traveling to the UK in 1998. The motivational speaker is the oldest child of Lazarus and Sibanda Maponga and 4 siblings. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Personal Ministries from Andrews University in Michigan, USA.

Maponga, whose impactful preaching earned him a nickname “Creative power House”, is the founder of farmers of thought Institute and two other non-Governmental Organizations based in Zimbabwe; The Indigenous Movement and The African Indigenous movement.

Maponga has traveled widely and has quite a number of followers who believe in his philosophies. He’s famous for many reasons; He’s a seventh day Adventist church ordained Bishop, motivational public speaker, a community development enthusiast and a strong believer of Pan-Africanism.

Maponga grew up with his parents and from a young age showed a good sign of being independent and as such was able to follow his passion and traveled to places where he could fulfill his dreams. His quest for knowledge saw him travel between South Africa, Swaziland,UK among other countries.

Maponga’s mind was originally set on engineering and although he didn’t eventually follow that path, he took part in the construction, entrepreneurial training, which is an initiative of the international labour organization that helps to set up local talents as consultants for emerging manufacturers and consultants.

Maponga’s father ventured into pastoral work, after his release from prison for his involvement in politics.

This led him to ensure that young Maponga stayed out of politics and followed him to his service in the church, and as such, Maponga junior has been a pastor in the seventh day Adventist church for so many years and his passion for the gospel endeared him to the congregation.

He enjoyed a wide followership and as time passed by, his impactful ministering caught the attention of senior church ministers, who later ordained him a bishop of the Pentecostal and evangelical community.

He continued to make an impact within the church and created his own approach to preaching the gospel.

Maponga’s infectious oratory teachings about Pan-Africanism, the flow, the rhythm and his level of dedication to Pan-Africa ideals can only be equated to those of his forefathers in the movement, the likes of Martin Luther Jr, Malcolm X, Khalid Mohamad, Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, Patrice Lumumba to mention but a few. an accessible web community

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