Parliament Re-tables Anti Homosexuality Bill After Pan African Pyramid Petitioning Speaker Among

Parliament Re-tables Anti Homosexuality Bill After Pan African Pyramid Petitioning Speaker Among

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Pan African Pyramid (PAP) an umbrella organization for Pan Africanists headquartered in Uganda has petitioned the Speaker of Parliament Annet Anita Among to help curb gayism spreading like wildfire, by re-tabling the anti-homosexuality act 2014.

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In their petition, they say homosexuality has washed away African values and cultures that are known for shaping African children morally.

”African social values of integrity are not being taught to children. We only have African names and occasionally speak African languages but without African culture and etiquette. This is what Europeans are filling up with their culture which includes homosexuality,” reads the petition adding,” Madam Speaker you are a good example of an Ateso girl, well rooted in the culture of your people and well educated as well. These days it’s rare to get educated children who know their culture.”
PAP’s Petition


The Pan-Africanists went ahead and referred the Speaker to the Bible;

”The cries of innocent Ugandan children being forcefully sodomized by homosexuality, teachers and security personnel has reached the ears of God Yahweh the creator of the earth. What Yahweh did to Sodom and Gomorrah is recorded in the book of Genesis (Breshit) 1-19-35 he is about to do in Kampala in forty days unless we go down on our knees and re-table the law to purge Homosexuality from amidst us.”

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Meanwhile, the speaker was quick to hear the Pan Africanists’ outcry and today while addressing the house announced that soon she is re-tabling the bill and indeed hours later the bill was introduced in parliament.

“You are either with us or you’re with the Western world,” Speaker Anita Among said, announcing that legislators would show support by raising their hands when the bill eventually is put to a vote. “We should be counted, and we are going to vote by show of hands on this matter,” Speaker Among noted after Hon.Asuman Basalirwa introduced the bill.

The new bill will be assessed by a parliamentary committee before it is debated in a plenary session. Details of its specific provisions were not yet immediately available. Basalirwa spoke of homosexuality as “cancer,” saying his bill is an opportunity to pass a strong law.

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Anti-gay sentiment has grown in recent days amid alleged reports of sodomy in boarding schools. The recent decision of the Church of England to bless civil marriages of same-sex couples also has inflamed many, including some who see homosexuality as imported from abroad.

“The Church of England has departed from the Anglican faith and are now false teachers,” Ugandan Archbishop Stephen Kaziimba said in a statement earlier this month that described “a crisis at hand.”

Homosexuality is criminalized in more than 30 of Africa’s 54 countries. an accessible web community

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