Partners In Excellence: Why Kabira Is A Perfect Venue For Conferences & Meetings In Kampala

Partners In Excellence: Why Kabira Is A Perfect Venue For Conferences & Meetings In Kampala

By Spy Uganda

Finding a hotel that can offer exquisite business and good family time is a rare gem in Kampala yet Kabira Country Club does just that. For years past, Kabira has capped its beauty by keeping maximum standards and quality services. If it’s an executive conference, business meeting, or extravagant gala, Kabira has precisely what you are looking for.

Set amongst a foray of palm trees in an idyllic suburb of Bukoto, less than a 15-minute drive from the hub of Kampala city, the hotel is the premier boutique hotel in the city attracting multitudes of revelers and guests 24/7.

The hotel has since announced that it is now offering world-class service when it comes to executive conferences, meetings, seminars, and workshops at very friendly rates.

“For your Executive Conference and Meeting needs book with us and work conveniently with our seamless connections, real-time connectivity coupled with world-class hospitality,” the hotel announced via its socials.

All conference halls at Kabira country club are equipped with the latest Audio & Video systems to give your seminars, workshops, business meetings & conferences the digital look and interactions you need. All these, come under full observance of the Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

“We get international delegates and clients coming in for all kinds of conferences from different parts of the world,” says the hotel’s General Manager.

He added; “All these venues have fire-orange wall-to-wall carpets and air-conditioners to offset, where need be, the tropical African weather. Each hall is named after a specific tree, so the apple of your eye falls close by in terms of accessible amenities and luxuries for your private parties, receptions, conferences, corporate meetings, workshops and exhibitions.”

Online Meetings

As if that is not enough, the hotel also offers virtual space for online meetings and conferences, thanks to its superfast reliable internet connectivity. This coupled with an excellent team of customer service and helpdesk support are the ideal combination for your remote working in the new normal.

Equipped with ergonomic chairs and the aesthetic feel of a buttoned-down business setting, Kabira Country Club offers venues that are the perfect mix of configurable space and developed event services incarnated in primary color by our glowing hospitality.

At Kabira, depending on your hall of choice for your conference or meeting, tables can be arranged in a fashion of your desire having to accommodate 80 to 120 socially distanced guests. It is equipped with a projector, public address system, a podium, Wi-Fi, and sliding dark sound-proof windows.

On the leisure side, guests from different parts of the world in the country for business or to tour the Pearl of Africa are seen lounging by the poolside, the gym or the bar area enjoying a cold beer, gin or whisky to wind down the evening. an accessible web community

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