Pictorial: Pan-African Pyramid, Gro Foundation Donate Relief Aid Worth Millions To Kyaka 11 Refugees

Pictorial: Pan-African Pyramid, Gro Foundation Donate Relief Aid Worth Millions To Kyaka 11 Refugees

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Kampala: Demonstrating its unwavering solidarity and a firm commitment to advancing Pan-Africanism, the Pan-African Pyramid(PAP), under the leadership of Speaker Andrew Irumba Katusabe, undertook a significant visit to the Kyaka 11 Refugee settlement in Kyegegwa district, Western Uganda, on December 19, 2023. The primary objective of this initiative was to extend crucial relief aid to the vulnerable communities displaced by conflicts and crises in their countries of origin.

The PAP led by Mr. Andrew Irumba along side a delegation from Bulgaria-based Gro Foundation, Trekked hundreds of miles from Kampala with a truck full of relief items including, clothes for men, women and children, shoes, scholastic materials, children’s play games, among other essentials which were later distributed to the highly demanding population that was gathered at one of the distribution points.

Alex Ruhunda, a Member of Parliament representing Fort Portal Tourism City and the Patron of the Pan-African Pyramid, underscored the organization’s dedication to championing African values and the spirit of Ubuntuism. He expressed appreciation for the supportive policy framework of the Ugandan government, facilitating the seamless integration of refugees into local communities.

Watch Video As The Pan-African Pyramid And Gro Foundation Donated Relief Aid To Kyaka 11 Refugees Camp(Courtesy Of BBS Tv)

Ruhunda called upon fellow African governments to address internal conflicts, highlighting the pivotal role of good governance in averting the displacement of their citizens.

Emphasizing the necessity for unity and collaboration, he echoed the Pan-African Pyramid’s commitment to equitable resource-sharing and ensuring a harmonious coexistence across the continent.


Honorable Bride, a local leader, and the district’s leadership were duly acknowledged for their cooperation and support in facilitating the Pan-African Pyramid’s mission to reach out to the refugees in Kyaka 11.

Benson Atwera, the Community Services Assistant from the Office of the Prime Minister and the Commandant of Kyaka 11 Refugee Camp, delivered a speech during the event, expressing gratitude for the Pan-African Pyramid’s support.

Atwera recognized the challenges faced by the camp due to reduced funding for refugee programs.


Kyaka 11 Refugee Camp, home to over 163,000 refugees within a 1.5 square-kilometer settlement area, has been strategically divided into nine zones and subdivided into 26 villages for efficient administration.

Andrew Irumba Katusabe, the Founding Speaker of the Pan-African Pyramid, reiterated the organization’s unwavering commitment to assisting vulnerable communities.

He spoke about the shared responsibility of being each other’s keepers, underscoring that today’s refugees might well become tomorrow’s providers of assistance.

The Speaker extended heartfelt appreciation to Gro Foundation, led by ambassador Paul Flynn, for their invaluable support.

The Gro Foundation generously donated solar lighting worth $10,000 to illuminate areas identified as black spots within the camp. Paul Flynn, representing the foundation, presented a $10,000 cheque to initiate the solar power project.

In addition to the relief aid, the Pan-African Pyramid, in collaboration with the Gro Foundation, launched a tree-planting initiative that will see over one million trees planted in the camp and a total of 1 billion trees in Uganda by 2030 as part of their broader environmental conservation efforts.

The refugees conveyed immense gratitude for the support received from the Pan-African Pyramid. The organization has actively engaged with various refugee camps, including Bidibidi, Nakivale, and Rwamwanja, exemplifying solidarity and brotherhood in action.

See Pictorial Moments Below As Pan-African Pyramid, Gro Foundation Left A Land Mark In Kyaka 11 Refugees Settlement Camp In Kyegegwa District.

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