Pictorial: Victoria University Participates In International Cultural Dance Festival

Pictorial: Victoria University Participates In International Cultural Dance Festival

By Spy Uganda

It was a moment of pomp and glamour for local and international partiers who gathered at Next Media Park on Sunday, 21st May 2023, for the World Culture Day and International Cultural Dance Festival Launch where a couple of cultural groups from various countries in different continents converged to showcase their rich traditions and heritage.

Among these cultural groups, included Uganda’s ‘VU Nation’ a community of Victoria University students from over 50 countries globally…yes! you read that right when you join Victoria University, you will be sharing lectures with brothers and sisters from not only Karamoja but also India, China, Argentina, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, Somalia, and many others.

The VU nation which was led by the University’s Vice Chancellor Prof Lawrence Muganga, saw beauteous babes and handsome guys splashing juicy performances to ‘onlookers’ who were left in awwee mode yearning for more before other groups from China and India also took on the stage to show their best.

Performance Of An Indian Cultural Group

Prof. Muganga a famous educationist and known promoter of African cultures described the event as a ‘spectacular’ that filled his heart with pride and joy.

The Professor believes that when his students embrace their unique backgrounds and share them with others, they create an atmosphere of exclusivity, collaboration, and learning that extends far beyond the boundaries of Victoria University.

”We take immense pride in the contributions made by each and every member to better themselves and their respective countries. We believe that by coming together, sharing experiences, and exchanging ideas, we can collectively create a positive impact on a global scale,” noted Prof Muganga.

He added, ”The festival provided a platform for our students to share the rich heritage and traditions of their respective countries. Each performance showcased the remarkable diversity within our university, fostering understanding, appreciation, and respect for one another’s cultures.”

Let’s save your precious time and feed you optically on the VU Nation’s pictorial below; Courtesy Photos-Sanyuka TV

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