Play Dirty Games In Favor Of Bloodthirsty Regime Knowing One Day You’ll Pay For Your Sins-Alternative Mov’t Warns Judiciary

Play Dirty Games In Favor Of Bloodthirsty Regime Knowing One Day You’ll Pay For Your Sins-Alternative Mov’t Warns Judiciary

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The Alternative Uganda Movement has warned the Judiciary that continuous shielding of government’s violation of human rights by further remanding those tortured could force Ugandans to act otherwise against the perpetrators.

Mentioning novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija who was arrested by security operatives and later surfaced in court with bloody wounds but again remanded, Alternative Mov’t national coordinator Norman Tumuhimbise says that was a shameful act that has since exposed Judiciary as a partisan organ.

”It’s now clear that Judiciary is working not for Ugandans but only two people, President Museveni and his son, I think the judge who remanded Kakwenza with rotten body was not a human being,” says Norman furiously adding;

“We are tired of your nonsensical statements you give out while judging citizens, you did not spend five years on law studies to close your eyes when things are going wrong in the country…intervene and save citizens who are rotting in prisons.”

The Mov’t’s leaders spoke their mind during a pressor in which they unveiled their member Luta Ferdinand to the media after spending nearly a year in jail.

Ruta was arrested by Police on 15th February 2021 along Entebbe Road canning President Museveni’s effigy accusing it of commanding “rampant drone kidnaps and 2021 rigged election”.

He says that he was arrested on Entebbe Road, dropped at Kampala Central Police Station before he was picked by military police and detained at Makindye Military Police Barracks and later charged with illegal possession of government stores.

”It is very funny and dramatic to see that Luta who was arrested for caning an effigy was arraigned before the Unit Disciplinary Committee of Makindye Military Barracks and charged with unlawful possession of government stores before being remanded for all these months, in otherwards, I have served  a full sentence on remand,” said Luta.

Ferdinand further says that he was taken to Kitalya prison where the security personnel tortured him near to death something he says forced prison authorities to not allow anybody to come to visit him.

Meanwhile, he adds that thousands of youths are helplessly rotting in jail over their political affiliations. an accessible web community

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