Political Prostitution?Hon. Ojara Martin Mapenduzi Signs MoU With Ruling NRM As NUP Cries Faul

Political Prostitution?Hon. Ojara Martin Mapenduzi Signs MoU With Ruling NRM As NUP Cries Faul

By Spy Uganda

In a significant development, Hon. Ojara Martin Mapenduzi, the Bardege-Layibi Division Member of Parliament, officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party at the NRM Head Offices in Nakasero.

The Secretary-General of the NRM, Rt. Hon. Richard Todwong, commended Hon. Mapenduzi’s decision to align himself with the party, calling it a bold and wise move. He emphasized the importance of unity and togetherness among leaders, stating, “This only acts to show that leaders are trying to appreciate the purpose of unity and togetherness, and it’s a generational call that I urge all other leaders to embrace.”

Rt Hon. Todwong also congratulated all independent Members of Parliament who have signed MoUs with the NRM, acknowledging their commitment to working together. He added, “We don’t look at other members from different political parties as our enemies but as partners in the struggle to develop our country, Uganda.”

Hon. Mapenduzi expressed his excitement and belief in the power of collaboration as he stated, “In my entire life, I have looked at leadership not as a position but as a responsibility, and so I have always taken seriously what I am supposed to do and done it in the spirit of impacting positives in the lives of others. As we sign this relationship and cooperation agreement, I have the strongest belief that it is in the spirit of doing good and serving the people, and I am privileged to have signed it.”


With the MoU signing complete, Hon. Mapenduzi now stands as an official member of the NRM, empowered to participate in party activities and contribute to the formulation of new policies.

Mapenduzi’s new assignment has since stirred up debate in parliament, particularly among opposition members who were left wondering why the legislator had shifted his allegiance to the ruling party all of a sudden. The same legislator shocked the opposition side in February last year when he moved a motion to remove Francis Zaake [Mityana Municipality MP] from the parliamentary commission for allegedly insulting Ms Among on social media.

Chairing the plenary on Monday, Speaker Anita Among alluded that since Mapenduzi joined Parliament as an Independent candidate, he had a right to switch sides at his wish.

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