Ramadan Charity Drive: ONC, UAE Embassy Join Hands To Support Muslim Communities With Food Packages Ahead of Eid Ul-Fitr

Ramadan Charity Drive: ONC, UAE Embassy Join Hands To Support Muslim Communities With Food Packages Ahead of Eid Ul-Fitr

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Kampala: The Office of the National Chairman of NRM (ONC) has Partnered with the Embassy of United Arab Emirates to embark on Ramadan charity drive in which they will distribute food packages worth millions to Muslims around Kampala and the Metropolitan Area ahead of Eid Ul-Fitr which is expected within 10 days.

To intensify the campaign, the Head of Mission and Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to the Republic of Uganda, H.E. Abdalla Hassan AlShamsi this afternoon delivered an assortment of food items worth millions to ONC offices in Kyambogo, Kampala, during an event that was attended by various Sheikhs, Imams and hundreds of Muslim leaders in Kampala and Wakiso.

The package included Sugar, Rice, Maize flour, and other foot stuffs as a contribution towards improving the welfare of Muslims was received by SPA Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo the head of ONC.


Speaking before the Muslim leaders on Sunday, H.E. Abdalla Hassan hailed the unity exhibited between various religions in the country and urged the masses to maintain the good heart and relationship among the Muslims and other religious sects.

“I am glad that am seeing this huge number of Muslims here, it’s my humble prayer that you all get united and be one person because Allah sees us as one person. by doing this we shall be able to move forward our faith and we shall be pleasing our creator,” H.E. Abdalla Hassan said, adding that the Embassy will continue to support Ugandans through the government and the Office of the National Chairman.


On her part as the ONC Manager, Hajjat Hadijah Namyalo said the new campaign is meant to compensate those who missed out on the donation drive at Kololo during the Ramadan dua prayers and Salaam Bank launch on Wednesday this week.

And now as the Islamic community enters the last stages of the Ramadan fasting period, SPA Namyalo revealed starting Monday this week, her office will be distributing food packages to various Muslims in various mosques and meeting Muslim leaders to effect the campaign.

“This is just the beginning, we are coming to your mosques, and everyone will benefit,” Namyalo said, adding that she won’t be involved in Muslim wars and divisionism, but rather focused on ensuring the Muslim community benefits from various wealth creation programmes from the government.


“I am not going to involve myself in your wars. I can go and take prayers from anywhere, whether it is Kibuli, Old Kampala, or wherever. What is key from my office is ensuring that every Muslim and Bazzukulu at large benefit from wealth creation programmes,” she emphasized.

The ONC Boss also in a special recognition thanked the UAE Ambassador for the stronger bilateral trade ties between UAE And Uganda, which has been a key pillar in transforming business communities in Uganda.

“I appreciate our good brothers and sisters from the United Arab Emirates who have supported us today with these Ramadan packages, your excellency the Ambassador delivers our appreciation to the people of the UAE. This office stands with the common person, the Wanainchi. In most cases, the corporate Muslims are given priority, forgetting that the needy people are these on the ground,” Namyalo said vowing that she will continue to support all Ugandans regardless of their religious affiliations.

“Those selfish politicians have always accused me and some even went far as to report me to the president that I prioritize Muslims, those are baseless rumours because when Museveni appointed me here didn’t tell me to serve this or that religion, today we are here to assist our colleagues who are fasting,” she added.

Namyalo also thanked Muslims who turned up in large numbers at Kololo during the launch of Salaam Bank, the country’s first ever Islamic banking institution, which she said will be very key in steering the development of Muslims through interest free loans and access to PDM funds.

One of the Muslim leaders, Sheikh Kasawuli Saidi, Chairman of Imams in Kampala Muslim District thanked the President for the good relationship with other countries who have always come through to support the Muslims in various ways, and for appointing Hajjat Namyalo as head of ONC whose impact is and has been felt countrywide, especially in the empowerment sector of the lower class people.

“The Kololo event was a fruitful one, thanks to the launch of Salaam Blank, which comes in handy to develop us the Muslims. Our prayer is that this wonderful gesture continues to run through year in and out, and for Hajjat Hadijah for being a religious woman, who took responsibility to apologize for what went wrong at Kololo,” Sheikh Kasawuli said

Furthermore, Hajjat Nantege Kakoma Hanifah of Wakiso also thanked Hajjat Namyalo for always thinking about the Muslims whenever an opportunity to empower them arises. She (Nantege) also apologized for what did not go right at Kololo and assured that Hajjat Namyalo’s team will reach out to each and every Muslim in their mosques, and therefore they should just patiently wait for them starting Monday (tomorrow).

“All the mosques out there, I want to assure you that Hajjat Namyalo got good friends from the United Arab Emirates who are warmhearted, and are coming out there to you with food packages,” she said, adding; “

The event at ONC offices was today graced by Kazo District Woman MP, Hon Jenifer Abaho Muheesi, Wakiso District Khadi, Sheikh Kigozi Erias who also doubles as head of Religious Institutions at ONC, Sheikhs and Imams from mosques around Kampala and Wakiso, among other dignitaries.

According to Hajjat Namyalo, effective tomorrow Monday, April 1, 2024, her office will visit various mosques starting with Kampala and Wakiso, to do

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