Reckless Train Driver Who Killed Two Should Be Charged-Concerned Netizens

Reckless Train Driver Who Killed Two Should Be Charged-Concerned Netizens

By Spy Uganda

Police on Monday released a video timestamp showing how Nobert Tezikara and his girlfriend Caroline Ann Aturinda were crushed in their 4matic Benz SUV by a speeding train as they tried to cross a railway line near Uganda Revenue Authority headquarters offices in Kinawataka, Nakawa.

The fallen couple is believed to have been coming from a late-night outing before they were crushed by a speeding train.

In a video making rounds on social media, the train driver is seen on high speed with flash lights before crushing the  Mercedes Benz registration number UBJ 053N.

Although Police puts it on the couple for crossing the railway line recklessly, some concerned Ugandans think the blame should be put on the train driver  whole drove recklessly and on high speed yet he knew he was crossing a road.

One of the concerned Ugandans pens;

Police should not brush aside the death of two young Ugandans and let a reckless railway train driver go scot-free under the excuse that trains have a right of way.

This was a clear case of misuse of the right of way regulation. The train driver was over speeding the engine without any wagon at a blind-bend crossing and which is usually busy.

The reckless train driver cannot claim to have been under heavy weight and momentum for he had no wagon.

Equally condemned is Uganda Railway Corporation for failing to erect road barriers at points where roads crossed railways and other places where humans and wildlife cross the railway lines. These barriers should be manned on a 24/7 basis to avoid thugs also taking advantage.

There are no barriers at the industrial area crossing, Nakawa crossing and Kinawataka crossings. The killer train driver should be questioned by Police for overspeeding at a risky blind-bend road crossing and for misuse of right of way regulation.

If the train driver had cared about lives, he would have driven to the crossing point cautiously while hooting severally. Humans, livestock and wildlife cross the rails at several crossing points across the country. The video clip of the accident confirmed the train engine was moving alone meaning it was less difficult to control. Hope Police is investigating the character of that train driver.” an accessible web community

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