‘Rema, Sebunya Plot To Grab My Property; They’ve Put My House, Land On Sale’-Kenzo

‘Rema, Sebunya Plot To Grab My Property; They’ve Put My House, Land On Sale’-Kenzo

By Spy Uganda
Celebrated musician Eddy Kenzo has accused his baby mama Rema Namakula and allegedly plotting to sell his property, which includes a house, land and cars.Kenzo alleges that Rema and Sebunya have hatched a sinister plot to sell his land and house in Seguku, off Entebbe Road, under the pretext that Rema wants to reclaim monies she contributed towards buying the house, which is estimated to have cost over Shs400m.

Eddy Kenzo’s crib

Kenzo made this  shocking revelation in a statement he posted on social media, which reads thus; “Plans have been hatched to take all my property which I have struggled to get for  my entire life. But if that’s what will make Mrs. Rema Sebunya happy, I won’t stop her.

Let her take whatever she want for as long as  she leave my life. I entrusted her with my property but things have turned painful to me. (https://tesseraonlaketravis.com) She got a man of her life which is  okay and normal, but I hear my house is on sale so that she can take a share of her choice. My land is on sell. I won’t stop her, neither will I go to court. It’s Allah who gave me those assets.

Hamza Sebunya and Rema Namakula

I’m sure Allah will give me assets, joy and a happy life. I was horn in poverty, grew up in poverty, but Allah changed my life with popularity and wealthy. I had never trusted any woman in my whole life but I entrusted all my assets in Ms. Rema. I don’t know if this world has people I can trust anymore. 


I now know the reality of life. I know who a human being is. Let me concentrate on my talent, business and Allah, I will make it in life.”

Rema dumped Kenzo recently and decided to hook up with Sebunya, a gynaecologist at Mulago Referral Hospital and the two are planning a massive introduction ceremony come this November, after getting secretly married under the Islamic marriage ceremony known as Nikkah.

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