Restless Mirembe Ghost Haunts: How Interpol Fetched Mathew Kirabo From Kenya

Restless Mirembe Ghost Haunts: How Interpol Fetched Mathew Kirabo From Kenya

By Spy Uganda

Police on Thursday announced the arrest of a fugitive, Mathew Kirabo who has been on wanted list of  Mukono High Court over charges of murdering his girl friend Desire Mirembe on 10th July, 2015.

Kirabo has been on the run for the last couple of years, on 12.09.2023 he was identified and arrested by the Interpol Kenya  following a Red Notice from Interpol Uganda.

”As you are all aware, the accused jumped court bail in Mukono High Court, during the hearing of the murder case of Desire Mirembe, who was allegedly murdered on 10th July, 2015, and her body dumped in Lugazi sugarcane plantations,” Police announced this week.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said, the office of the DPP and the Directorate of CID, processed a warrant of arrest and handed it over to Interpol Uganda, for them to locate and provisionally arrest the wanted fugitive.

”He was thereafter, declared a fugitive, populated on the Interpol Database of wanted persons and a Red Note issued accordingly in November 2021. All this while, Interpol has been monitoring his movement until 12.09.2023, when he was arrested,” said Enanga.

He noted that the fugitive will be delivered to Interpol Uganda, and handed over to the High Court in Mukono, in liaison with the ODPP and CID at Kampala Metropolitan Police Headquarters.

”We commend Interpol Kenya and Uganda, who worked tirelessly to track down and arrest a wanted fugitive,” said Enanga adding,”The arrest highlights the excellent relationship between Uganda and the Kenyan Law Enforcement and Legal Agencies.  It further demonstrates the continued value of the bilateral mutual agreements, between Uganda and Kenya, in bringing people to account for their alleged criminal actions.”

Interpol Uganda, Kenya and its partner agencies across the globe are relentless in ensuring those wanted for crimes face justice. an accessible web community

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