Restoration Of Kampala – Masaka Highway Will Take Three Weeks-UNRA Speaks Out!

Restoration Of Kampala – Masaka Highway Will Take Three Weeks-UNRA Speaks Out!

By Spy Uganda

Uganda Natrional Roads Authority has announced that emergency restoration works at Katonga along Kampala—Masaka Highway have kicked off and will be completed in three weeks.

”With favourable weather conditions, the anticipated timeline for the completion of these emergency works is 2–3 weeks. We request for your patience during this time,” said UNRA on twitter.

Kampala-Masaka highway is one of the busiest roads in the country with an estimated average daily traffic count of over 30,000 vehicles. The road is the main gateway to Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of Congo handling major cargo to and from.

Travelers from Kampala to Masaka have since been advised to use the Mpigi – Butambala – Ssembabule road as an alternative to get to Masaka.

Motorists traveling from Kampala to Masaka were advised to use the recently constructed Mpigi-Kanoni-Maddu-Ssembabule-Masaka road, while those traveling from Masaka to Kampala were also advised to use the same in reverse.

The Mpigi-Kanoni-Ssembabule-Masaka route spans a total of 184km, which is almost double the distance of the direct route from Mpigi to Masaka, which is only 93.7km. As a result of this diversion, transport fares on the route have highly increased.

In recent days, flooding has also affected other sections in Lwera, Kamuwunga, and Lukaya as several streams in the area burst their banks following heavy rainfall. an accessible web community

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