Revellers Riot After Chameleone Snubs Show, Destroy Property Worth Millions

Revellers Riot After Chameleone Snubs Show, Destroy Property Worth Millions

By Andrew Irumba

Gomba: The police in Gomba district were on Sunday night forced to shoot bullets in the air and teargas at irate reveler who rioted after popular singer Jose Chameleone  refused to perform at a show that had been organised at Bukandula stadium.

Our Spies have learnt that  the saga started when events promoters identified as a one Kiviiri and another one Kabanda, organised a concert dubbed ‘Ekigunda Ekikeesa Ani Asinga’ at Bukandula stadium.  The organisers announced Chameleone as the main artiste to perform at the show. However, partiers waited for Chameleone to perform in vain. ( As  the night wore on, partiers started demanding the organisers to produce Chameleone but they could not. Spies reveal that at around 3:00Am, the partiers started rioting, destroying chairs, speakers, breaking bottles and it was not long before they stormed the stage.

By the time police was called in to salvage the situation the stage and lots of other property had been destroyed by the mob. Later after dispersing the drunken revelers, the police arrested five men suspected  to have been ring leaders in the destructive riots. Meanwhile, the police are also hunting for the two promoters because they contends that they were not informed about the event, nor did the promoters seek permission to stage  the same.   However, efforts to contact Chameleone for a comment about this saga have been fruitless because he couldn’t be reached on his known telephone lines. an accessible web community

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