Roast Your P1Gs Somewhere Else Not On Our Burial Sites: Muslims Warn Pork Sellers

Roast Your P1Gs Somewhere Else Not On Our Burial Sites: Muslims Warn Pork Sellers

By Spy Uganda

The Ugandan Muslim Supreme Council (UMSC), Muslim members of parliament and Muslim leaders have condemned those on Friday who sell pork near Islamic burial sites.

MPs and Muslim leaders said those who roast pork do not care if they bring their businesses near burial sites even if funeral ceremonies are for Muslims.

UMSC spokesman Ashraf Muvawala said that the action may lead to Muslims being annoyed and attacks against those who engage in the process.

”What they are doing is bad and might lead to religious wars. The Ugandan Joint Religious Council, which has members from all religions, sat and resolved that Ugandans should respect each other’s religion. So those selling pork near us should stop provoking us because they may end up being beaten up by angry Muslims,” said Muvawala.

A leader in the Muslim community, Imam Hassan Kiberu, says that in Ugandan communities if someone dies in a village, all the villagers and relatives, near and far, irrespective of religion, attend the burial ceremony.

“Those who sell roasted pork target the hundreds of people who turn up for the burial. They place their charcoal or firewood stoves a small distance from the homes where the burial is taking place and start roasting and selling pork to people,” he said.

Muslim members of parliament said the act is an abuse of religion and should be immediately stopped.

“It is very bad. There is a need for all Ugandans to respect each other’s religion. It is not good for someone dealing in pork to sell it in a place where there are Muslims,” MP for Busongora, Sowedi Kitanya, in the Kasese district said.

He said it is uncivilized – akin to throwing a bible in a mosque and there is a need to change the mindset of those involved.

Muhammad Kato, MP from the Mbirizzi district, said: “Local leaders in Uganda and the leaders of all the religions in the country should educate people to respect each other’s faith and avoid antagonizing one another.”

He said selling pork at burials used to take place in his constituency but he called all those involved and told them that even if they wanted to make ends meet by selling pork to mourners, they should never sell it in places where people of different religions are gathered.

“I condemn that habit of selling pork at burial places. it should be stopped immediately,” chairman of the Buikwe district, Jimmy Kanabi said.

Buikwe district chief Qadi sheikh Sadat Badhola, said selling pork where Muslims are gathered with other members of the public is an abuse of rights and urged authorities to pass a bylaw on the sale of pork in public places.

The inter-religious council, where all religions are represented, said there is a need for each Ugandan to respect each others’ faiths. an accessible web community

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