Rukiga: Six Ugandans Perish In An Accident Involving Rwandan & Kenyan Buses

Rukiga: Six Ugandans Perish In An Accident Involving Rwandan & Kenyan Buses

By Spy Uganda

At least six people perished in a fatal accident involving a Rwandan bus and a Kenyan one, at 4am in Rukiga District, Western Uganda on Friday.

The accident involved motor vehicle registration number RAD798B HYUNDAI bus, belonging to Volcano Bus Company and motor vehicle registration number KCU054L (SCANIA) belonging to Oxygen Bus Company.

Murara Alphonse, a Rwandan driver of volcano bus, and Omido David, a Kenyan and the driver of the Oxygen bus both died on spot, and other four including Ishingiro Mustafa, a Rwandan; the conductor of Oxygen bus identified as Gakulu Cloude; a Rwandan & the conductor in Volcano bus Hakizimana Etiene; a Rwandan passenger aboard Vocano bus, and a yet to be identified Burundian female passenger who was aboard Oxygen bus.

An approximate number of 40 injured passengers whose particulars are yet to be established were rushed to Lotom Health Centre in Muhanga.

According to Police, the suspected cause of the accident is attributed to reckless driving by the driver of Volcano bus, who, eyewitnesses say was from Kampala side but left his side and was driving from the right where he met an on-coming Oxygen bus from Kabale side whose driver tried to swerve to his extreme left in order to dodge the Volcano bus in vain thus head-on collision. an accessible web community

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