Rwanda: Over 100 Genocide Remains Discovered At Nuns’ Convent

Rwanda: Over 100 Genocide Remains Discovered At Nuns’ Convent

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

At least 108 genocide remains have been exhumed in Kamonyi district amid the 28th commemoration of the 1994 Genocide against The Tutsi, Sylvere Ndahayo, the Mayor of Kamonyi district told journalists.

The remains are to get a decent burial next week, according to officials.

Ndahayo said that 37 genocide remains were, this week, exhumed from Mugina sector while 71 were discovered in the Nyamiyaga sector.

This happened on April 8 while digging a rainwater harvesting hole at St. Anna Convent, a nuns’ convent in Mikamba village, Mbati cell of Mugina sector.

Egide Ndayisaba, the Executive Secretary of Mugina sector, said that many Tutsis were killed in the area where the remains were discovered.

“Searching will continue in partnership with local residents. This shows that some residents are aware of where genocide remains are located but are hesitant to share the information,” he said.

During the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi, many Tutsi hailing from the area and those who were fleeing were also murdered in Nyamiyaga sector.

This week, genocide remains were also discovered at a resident’s property, particularly where their kitchen is built.

Officials said that the residents said they were not aware that remains were on their property.

Last year in the Nyamiyaga sector, 46 genocide remains were exhumed during land leveling.

The genocide remains were discovered in Amayaga region. The region is composed of four districts, including Kamonyi, Ruhango, Nyanza and Gisagara.

This area faced atrocities and particularity of 1994 genocide against the Tutsi since it was a corridor for Tutsis who were fleeing from killings around the country.

For instance in the Ruhango district, on April 19, 1994, so many militias, in collaboration with Burundian refugees on the opposite hill of Nyagahama attacked the Tutsi whom Bourgmaster Kagabo had gathered at the former Ntongwe commune pretending to seek their protection.

The militia awaiting to exterminate them were all armed with crude weapons.

The Tutsi at Ntongwe commune managed to push them with stones, but, little did they know that the worst was coming with support from Charles Kagabo, who was Bourgmaster of Ntongwe Commune and others.

According to Alex Rusagara, the president of Amayaga Genocide Survivors Foundation (AGSF), the organization is pleading to all concerned to support their campaign of building an archive facility that should house the audio-visual materials, pictures, books and other materials that constitute their story.

AGSF is awaiting the good news of the arrest of notorious Genocide perpetrators like Charles Kagabo who was the Bourgmaster of the Ntongwe Commune.

More than 60,000 Genocide victims are laid to rest in the Ruhango Genocide memorial from Kinazi. On April 23, Amayaga genocide survivors and the Rwandan community at large will hold a night vigil in their memory. On April 24, they will proceed with a commemoration event.

Meanwhile, AGSF is writing a book about the Genocide in Amayaga. an accessible web community

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