Rwandans Secretly Buying Land In Uganda

Rwandans Secretly Buying Land In Uganda

By Spy Writer
Kabale: Ever since president Paul Kagame closed the Rwandan borders to Uganda on February 27, 2019, several Rwandese are facing very difficult times, because they no longer access services like health, education, employment and others which they used to get from Uganda.

However, as a way of overcoming their predicaments, we have learnt that Rwandan nationals are secretly buying pieces of land in Uganda, such that they can resettle their families here and be able to have access to services they can’t get in Rwanda. Following the closure of the borders, Rwanda advised truck drivers destined from Kigali to use Kagitumba border via Mirama Hills. However, Rwandan officials including President, Paul Kagame later accused Ugandan authorities of abducting its citizens and locking them up in ungazetted areas.
Rwanda also accused Uganda of hosting and facilitating dissidents especially Rwanda National Congress-RNC and the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda FDLR, which have declared war on the Kigali government.

Rwanda advised its citizens against travelling to Uganda, saying it can’t guarantee their safety. But now information from Katuna town council, Rubaya and Butanda sub-counties in Ndorwa West county, Kabale district, indicates that Rwandans are stealthily crossing into Uganda to buy land for construction. Bernard Nturanabo, a resident of Kahungye in Butanda Sub County, says “I have personally seen various Rwandan nationals stealthily crossing into Uganda through porous borders looking for land for purchase.” Nturanabo adds that “The Rwandans don’t mind about the fertility of the land but all they need is land for construction.” Geresome Mafuuni, the Murandamo Village LC 1 Chairman in Bigaga parish in Butanda Sub County in Kabale district, says most Rwandan national cross to his village at night to buy land because of fear of being arrested by Rwandan border security. an accessible web community

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