S.Sudan: Power Hungry Gen Akol Koor Resorts To Witchcraft To End Kiir’s Presidency

S.Sudan: Power Hungry Gen Akol Koor Resorts To Witchcraft To End Kiir’s Presidency

By Spy Uganda

According to a WhatsApp audio clip making rounds on various social media handles, the Director General of the South Sudan Internal Bureau of National Security, (NSS) Lt. General Akol Koor has resorted to witchcraft with the hope that it’s the only way he can easily kill President Salva Kiir and take over power.

In the audio, someone alleged to be Gen Akol uttered unfavorable sentiments against his boss whom he wishes for nothing good but evil due to jealousy and greed for power. It is said that Gen Akol has slaughtered goats and sheep through animal sacrifice the highest level of witchcraft, to topple Kiir’s government.

Sources in South Sudan say that ever since Kiir became president in 2011, Akol has never had peace in his jealous heart thus all these evil plans against the person of the President.

”The presidency as the symbol of unity must be accorded respect, dignity and unquestionable loyalty. Those who want to force Kiir into an early retirement should wait for God to decree so. Everyone should know that Dr. John Garang handed Kiir the mantle of leadership in an honorable way and it is upon him to decide when and to who to pass it down to. Alternatively, those who are not patient should crossover to the opposite side and contest against him in the upcoming 2024 general elections rather than hiding in his armpits and plan to end his government using witchcraft, that’s a childish plan,” said a concerned S.Sudan citizen on condition of anonymity.


S.Sudan gained independence in 2011 it has never tasted peace. President Salva Kiir’s tireless efforts to ‘manufacture’ peace in this country have met huge resistance from many political and armed factions sponsored by foreign and domestic enemies who use the situation to loot the country.

Some of those pinned for failing peace in the youngest African country include government officials like Gen Akor who hide under Kiir’s armpits to push their terrible agendas.

Meanwhile, Gen Akol’s name is not being thrown into the limelight for the first time. last year reports revealed that Gen Akol was commanding the extrajudicial killings of truck drivers who are normally murdered transporting goods to Juba as one of the of his mechanisms to fail Kiir’s government.

It was also alleged that Akol was abducting innocent wanainchis in S.Sudan, funding armed groups to terrorize S.Sudan all aimed at thwarting peace in the youngest country so as to make people hate Kiir’s leadership and finally kick him out of power so that he (Gen Akol) scoops presidency.

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