Sad! Queen Elizabeth Elephants Kill 53yr Old Man

Sad! Queen Elizabeth Elephants Kill 53yr Old Man

By Spy Uganda

Stray elephants killed a 53-year-old man in the southwestern district of Kanungu as he guarded his crops against wild animals from the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

Ahimbisibwe Rugaju, Kanungu Deputy Resident District Commissioner, in a statement on Monday said two elephants strayed out of the park on Sunday and destroyed acres of gardens before the residents started chasing them back into the park.

“However, as the elephants moved towards the park, they came across the deceased while he was guarding his potato garden near his homestead where he was killed instantly,” Rugaju said.

According to Rugaju, the residents have been complaining about stray animals destroying their crops despite the government promising to put a fence around the park.

“The residents have since threatened to kill wild animals when they are sighted in their gardens since the Uganda Wildlife Authority rangers have failed in their duty to drive the animals back to the park whenever they attack,” Rugaju added.

He however urged the residents against harming wildlife and to always work with park authorities to ensure that the animals are returned to the park. an accessible web community

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