She Simply Ignored LC1 Advice & Bought Hot-Air, She Wants To Use Us-State House Anti-Corruption Unit Refutes Irene Nalwoga’s Claims

She Simply Ignored LC1 Advice & Bought Hot-Air, She Wants To Use Us-State House Anti-Corruption Unit Refutes Irene Nalwoga’s Claims

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: The State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SH-ACU) has refuted the allegations made by Irene Nalwoga, who accused government agencies of supporting land grabbers involved in an illegal land purchase.

In a widely circulated video on social media, Nalwoga claimed that Dr. Sylvia Alinaitwe Tumuhairwe had encroached upon her land in Bugiri, Kiwulure, Katabi Town Council, Wakiso District adding that her house was unlawfully demolished without compensation.

Nalwoga further revealed that despite seeking assistance from government entities such as the police, SH-ACU, and the Courts, all to no avail due to the alleged influence of Dr. Sylvia’s affluent and well connected oppressors.

However, contrary to Nalwoga’s accusations of government agencies backing land grabbers, SH-ACU dismissed the claims noting that Nalwoga had acquired the contested land illegally from people who were already involved in multiple land fraud cases.

According to SH-ACU, Nalwoga had purchased a plot measuring 50ft by 100ft from Ms. Alapo Barbra. Notably, Barbra’s acquisition of the said land from Kyagaba Charles who was under SH-ACU investigation for multiple land fraud cases was also questionable.

After acquiring the land, Nalwoga proceeded to construct a residential house and later Dr. Sylvia Alinaitwe Tumuhairwe claimed ownership of the 1.16-acre land, presenting a certificate of title.

In their investigations, SH-ACU discovered that Barbra’s land purchase lacked clearance from the Administrator General’s office and local authorities, rendering it illegal under Section 35 1(a) of the Land Act due to the absence of the required AG’s consent.

“In addition, on 5 January 2021, Ms Alapo Barbra and Ms Nalwoga Irene presented a land sale agreement to Mr Kasujja David the chairman LC1 Bugiri, Kiwulure village, who refused to sign it because she was dealing with people who are not rightful owners” reads part of the statement from SH-ACU.

Following investigations, the SH-ACU document indicates that the DPP guided that the facts of investigations did not reveal any wrongdoing by officers at Kisubi Police Station who Nalwoga accused of compromise in handling his case file.

“It is therefore not true that Ms Nalwoga was not assisted by institutions of the state. Ms Nalwoga could best present her matter to court, given it is civil in nature” SH-ACU added.

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit has been camping in Lira City since early 2023 following widespread allegations of land wrangles registered in the City.

The State House Anti Corruption Unit (SH-ACU) in one year, 2022, managed to recover Ugx35.484bn from corruption masters of this country, the annual report revealed.

The Unit also managed to arrest and arraign in court over 448 suspects. Among these, courts convicted 70 culprits including government accounting Officers, Executive Officers, managing directors, Secretaries of Commission, CAOs, and Town Clerks.

SH-ACU was established under Article 99(4) of the constitution of Uganda, which gives the President executive powers to either directly or indirectly perform his duties or through officers subordinate to him.

Launched on 10th December 2018, SH-ACU coordinates with all constitutionally mandated agencies to ensure a corruption-free country.

The Unit also acts as a link between H.E. the President, citizens, and Anti- Corruption agencies in relation to Anti-Corruption issues. an accessible web community

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