‘She Was An Icon Of Love & Non-Partisan’-President Museveni, Parliament Pay Tributes To Late Cecilia Ogwal

‘She Was An Icon Of Love & Non-Partisan’-President Museveni, Parliament Pay Tributes To Late Cecilia Ogwal

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Kampala: The Parliament of Uganda has conducted a special sitting to pay tributes to former Dokolo District Woman Member of Parliament, Cecilia Ogwal, who lost the battle against cancer at one of the major hospitals in India on January 18.

This evening, President Yoweri Museveni who has granted the late Ogwal an official funeral also joined Parliament to pay his last respects to a woman who always called him “my brother” whenever they met at public events.

Ogwal has been praised by many for her head-on fight against corruption, and she has always spoken about it without fear or favour in front of the president.


The former Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) stalwart had switched allegiance to the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC), a party that has, in its tributes, described her as a “mentor” and “role model”.

Wile delivering his condolences to her family and friends, President describe Ogwal as a strong and ethical leader who rejected the politics of hatred, a sentiment shared by others like Mao and Akena.


”Despite belonging to different political parties, we often worked closely together. Her ability to work with the NRM taught us the importance of collaboration despite our differences. During a recent meeting in Barelegi, she expressed a desire for a follow-up discussion, which sadly can no longer happen. Cissy was a strong and ethical leader who rejected the politics of hatred, a sentiment shared by others like Mao and Akena” Museveni said.

”She was not corrupt but integral in her dealings. In addition to her public involvement, she managed various enterprises, such as a factory and a farm in Kiryandongo. We admire her contributions and the successful family she raised”, he added.

While paying her last respects, Speaker Anita Among revealed that Ogwal’s health condition got worse during the recently concluded Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth (CSPOC).


The late Ogwal was the Chairperson of the Sub-Committee of Spouses and Accompanying Persons during the 27th CSPOC held from 03 to 07 January 2024 at the Commonwealth Resort Hotel, Munyonyo.

“When we got the information that she was not well, I had to rush out of the conference to ensure a swift evacuation to India for specialized medical care. Unfortunately, she passed away on 18 January 2024,” said Among.

She said the state of Ogwal’s ill health was unclear, because she was very private with her condition.

“Her humility is a lesson for all; she loved to see everyone happy and would withhold even critical information about her health, if she sensed that it would make anyone sad,” Among said.

Speaker Among has thus attributed Ogwal’s official funeral to her illustrious career and contribution since she first joined politics in 1980 as the Assistant Secretary General of the Uganda People’s Congress Party (UPC).  

“It is therefore, my humble appeal that we celebrate the life of Ogwal because she lived an impactful, industrious life and served her country with distinction,” Speaker Among said.

She further noted that whereas Ogwal belonged to the Forum for Democratic Party (FDC) party, she was non-partisan in her career.

“She was an icon of love, unity and a mentor to many of us. Most ladies joined Parliament because they wanted to be a ‘Cecilia’. She spoke eloquently for all Ugandans, not just for the people of Dokolo or her political party, it was Uganda first,” said Among.

Speaker Among described Ogwal as a loving mother who believed in human rights, urging MPs to emulate her and serve with dignity, respect and equality.

“These are the attributes that Ogwal had in her life. Her death has manifested a true spirit of goodness and it is an indication that the deceased lived a righteous life which should be emulated by all of us,” said Among.

Ogwal was one of the longest-serving legislators, having served since 1996. At the time of her death, she was a member of the Committees on Physical Infrastructure, and Budget.

She also served as Uganda’s representative to the Pan African Parliament (PAP) and a Parliamentary Commissioner in the 10th Parliament.

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