Singer Chosen Becky Dumps Kamenyo

Singer Chosen Becky Dumps Kamenyo

By Ronaldo Kalangi

A heavy rift has erupted between Luga Rapper Victor Kamenyo and female hit maker singer Chosen Becky.

This comes after Bankuza singer decided to dump her manager Kamenyo on grounds that she has grown bigger than him.

Becky claims that she is currently selling like gold in Ugandan music industry which has forced her to look for a new management team.

The latest is that Becky has joined David Lutalo music group Da Hares.
Luga Rapper Victor Kamenyo (R) with singer Chosen Becky in their hey days.

Songs like Bankuza, Byangi have put Becky to move to different musical performances.

She is one of the most selling female artists on the land now.

Some people say Becky dumped Kamenyo because last week he survived spending time in cells together with Becky for dodging a show in Katosi, Mukono.

Rapper Kamenyo has come up to say that Becky has been misled by few artists who think they can make her a new Beyonce. an accessible web community

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