OTT Tax Validity Extended

OTT Tax Validity Extended

By Denis Turyahebwa 


The Uganda revenue Authority (URA) has revised the time upon which social media tax dubbed OTT tax expires.


Initially the tax has been expiring at midnight regardless of at what time of the day one loaded, which social media users had branded unreasonable and exploitative.


According to the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Spokesperson Ian Rumanyika, the tax collectors have had intense discussions with policy makers and service providers to see that the time is shifted to fit users’ convenience.


With effect from today (November 2nd, 2018), OTT will be expiring after 24 hours from the time you loaded it. This, URA officials said it was a good invention and a positive step in the right direction for the social media users.


In an interview with TheSpy Uganda about the new development, Joseph Kimera a resident of Kasubi 1, Rubaga North said it has been hard for him as he has been sometimes limited on access. 


“I whole heartedly thank URA for listening to our plea as social media users,”he said. 


Other users requested that URA should also work on the payment methods of this tax. Currently, one can only pay OTT via mobile  money. 


According to users, it is still hard for them to pay OTT since one can only pay through mobile money,they need other options like deducting from one’s airtime balance. an accessible web community

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