South Sudan’s Mining Minister Abucha Arrested While Enroute To Uganda

South Sudan’s Mining Minister Abucha Arrested While Enroute To Uganda

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

South Sudan security forces have this morning arrested the country’s minister of mining Gen. Martin Abucha who was traveling to the Ugandan district of Adjumani where he was expected to participate in a funeral rite for a family member who had passed away, a General from Sudan People’s Liberation Army-in-Opposition (SPLA-IO) has said.

In a statement, Brig. Gen. Okeny George M. Lam, the SPLA-IO’s Anyanya Division Commander at Ashwa Cantonment site said the incident occurred at 7:30 Am on Saturday and the security forces who intercepted the minister on his way slapped him violently before he was driven to the place where he is still being detained.

“This morning at 7:30 am, the government Security forces at Loa, followed up the National Minister of Mining and intercepted him in Nimule. Violently they slapped him two times at the scene of the event before they were driven off. The minister was on his way to Adjumani district-Uganda for Funeral Rite,” he added.

The senior SPLA-IO military officer further said the minister was currently being “detained at Loa barrack under Command of Lt. Col. Atem Mading” adding that he was being detained along with bodyguards Lt. Col. Diliga James, Capt. Madile Charles, Pvt. Anyazo Patrick and his driver Lagu.

“This is purely a deliberate violation notwithstanding the Immunity the National Minister must enjoy. I call for an investigation by CTSAMMVM into this barbaric act by the commander in charge,” the SPLA-IO officer said.

It remains unknown why the Minister has been arrested but SPLA-IO said the government security officer who has detained the minister “Mading and those behind him has been repeatedly violating the R-ARCSS implementation without holding him accountable. This is unfortunate and must be treated as a matter of urgency.” an accessible web community

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