State House Anti Graft Boss Tips ISO Trainees On Fight Against Corruption

State House Anti Graft Boss Tips ISO Trainees On Fight Against Corruption

By Spy Uganda

The State House Anti-Corruption Unit (SHACU) Head, Brig Gen Henry Isoke on Wednesday, September 21st, 2022 presented a lecture on the fight against corruption to new recruits of the Internal Security Organization (ISO) at the Institute of intelligence and security studies, Entebbe.

In his presentation to the trainees, the General emphasized the role of intelligence in identifying gaps in the country’s fight against corruption, drawing on his experience at various institutions such as the Uganda Wildlife Authority and the Uganda Revenue Authority, where he assisted in the establishment of robust intelligence gathering systems that have since been used to improve the operations of these government units.

Brig. Gen. Isoke highlighted that the country’s corruption is deeply syndicated across all institutions, emphasizing the importance of intelligence-led operations in the corruption fight. “ISO has been a useful resource in the corruption fight by generating intelligence on the syndicated corruption in govt agencies which is a force multiplier in the fight against Corruption,” he said.

By collaborating to seek justice, SH-ACU and ISO are disrupting corrupt networks, helping them in maintaining control over civil officials, particularly the corrupt at the Local Government level.

ISO has thoroughly searched the nation to ensure effective inter-institutional cooperation in an effort to raise awareness about security dangers to the government beyond the usual terrorism and similar threats that can be countered militarily.

General Isoke noted that with the collaboration of the anti-corruption agencies, including CID, IGG, ODPP, FIA, and Office of the Auditor General the fight against corruption has been amplified. He, therefore, urged the ISO officers undergoing training to support institutional cooperation as a means of attaining the shared goal of preventing criminals, particularly corrupt officials.

General Isoke believes that the multi-agency Intelligence-led approach will allow the anti-corruption agencies to investigate and prosecute corruption cases to a logical conclusion since they have a base to draw from as evidenced by the recent operations around the nation.

In light of the contribution ISO has made to the battle against corruption, General Isoke emphasized the importance of cross-agency cooperation as a means of preventing and combating all corruption cases while promoting improved public service delivery.

“The work of the unit has substantially benefited from several investigations that are intelligence-led by ISO, thus it is crucial for both agencies to keep working together not just with one another but also with other anti-corruption agencies like the CID, IGG, Auditor General and PPDA,” the General added.

In addition to the remarks made by the Head of SH-ACU, the Deputy Director General of ISO, Lt. Col. Emmy Katabazi, informed the officers that the training they are undertaking will enhance the organization’s human resource capacity. He also reminded the trainees that they will be the foundation of information collection on corrupt tendencies across all levels of government which is key in supporting development efforts in the country. an accessible web community

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