Stop Being Selective, Why Allow Other Foods On Board & Speak Evil Against Our Nseenene-Katikkiro Mayiga Roars

Stop Being Selective, Why Allow Other Foods On Board & Speak Evil Against Our Nseenene-Katikkiro Mayiga Roars

By Spy Uganda

Buganda Kindom Premier Charles Peter Mayiga has backed up the act of vending of Nseenene on Uganda Airlines’ bombardier buses reasoning that if other items can be sold onboard then why not our local items.

Katikkiro says, ”I fail to understand the fuss about Paul Mubiru vending Nseenene on an Uganda Airlines flight to Dubai. All airlines vend lots of things in-flight. I have witnessed passengers doing forex exchange transactions onboard many times. It’s common to see passengers carry their own food onto the plane – which is cleared by the ground crew.

Travellers on buses always vend food and other items. If the carrier disapproves of vending they should simply state so – otherwise those who bought the insects appreciate their taste. Mubiru could be adept at salesmanship. No need to stir up a storm in a teacup.”

Katikkiro’s statement is in regard to a viral video that was trending over the weekend showing a man known as Paul Mubiru vending grasshoppers, also locally known as Nseenene aboard Uganda Airlines Dubai flight.

The video caused a public uproar leaving many unhappy with the act saying it tarnishes the Airline’s image and infcat, the Airline also condemned the act but promised to add Nseenene on its menu due to passengers demand.

Meanwhile, Mubiru came out and apologized for the act saying he recorded the video for comedy purposes.

“I am sorry to the fellow countrymen and women, staff of Uganda Airlines, passengers and everyone hurt by the act on board. I recorded that video in question not to tarnish or ashame the airline but for comedy purposes, specifically TikTok deeds,” Mubiru said in a letter to the Uganda Airlines country manager.

He explained that what happened was not for transactional purposes as claimed.

“I continue to send in my apology and I authorize you to make my apology public so that the other parties affected can also forgive me.”

On Saturday, the Minister for Works and Transport, Gen Edward Katumba Wamala ordered the suspension of all staff who were on the said flight to Dubai when the incident happened.

“I have spoken to the leadership of the airline to take action against the staff who were in charge when this happened,” Gen Katumba tweeted. an accessible web community

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