Stop Protests, You’re Taking Kenya To War – Ruto Warns Raila

Stop Protests, You’re Taking Kenya To War – Ruto Warns Raila

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

President William Ruto has called on the opposition to put an end to protests across the country.

Speaking in Vihiga county on Saturday, he said the protests that have hit the country in the last few days have led to massive losses.

He said the protests have not only led to losses due to the closure of businesses but the loss of lives saying that it was unnecessary.

“We are a democratic country and everyone here wants an opportunity to stand on their own and do their business,” Ruto said.

“I have told these brothers of mine to stop violent protests because they are destroying people’s businesses. Unrest and unnecessary shedding of blood is being witnessed in our country,” he said.

He said Kenyans made their choice of leaders in the concluded August 2022 polls and urged the aggrieved parties to wait for the 2027 elections.

He however maintained that Kenya Kwanza will still emerge victorious when the time comes.

“Tulienda uchaguzi na hawa wananchi walimaliza. Kama mtu anajiskia si 2027 iko mbele? Wakuje tena tuwanyoroshe,” he said.

This comes even as religious leaders continued to pile pressure on Ruto and Opposition leader Raila Odinga to dialogue to avert the ongoing protests.

The protests they said have continued to push the country to a deeper crisis.

The leaders said dialogue should be based on a defined framework to allow all Kenyans to express their views. an accessible web community

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