Sudan: 248 Killed In Darfur Tribal Clashes

Sudan: 248 Killed In Darfur Tribal Clashes

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

A total of 248 people have been killed in tribal clashes in Sudan’s western Darfur state since October, according to local medics on Saturday.

In a statement, the non-governmental Sudan Doctors Committee said North Darfur has counted for 49 of the total number of deaths.

The United Nations on Thursday said at least 83,000 people fled Darfur region since October as a result of the violence.

Last week, the Sudanese authorities announced plans to form a force of more than 3,000 soldiers to resolve the security chaos in the region.

Several areas in Darfur witness sporadic deadly clashes between Arab and African tribes, as part of conflicts over land, resources, and grazing paths. an accessible web community

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