Ten UPF Officers Deployed To Enhance Security In Somalia

Ten UPF Officers Deployed To Enhance Security In Somalia

By Spy Uganda

In a significant move to strengthen international cooperation and bolster security measures in Somalia, the Uganda Police Force (UPF) has deployed ten highly trained officers to the African Union Transition in Somalia (ATMIS).

The officers were briefed on June 27, 2023, at the Joint Operations Center in Police Headquarters, led by Senior Commissioner of Police (SCP) Wilson Omoding, Deputy Director Operations UPF.

During the briefing, SCP Wilson Omoding emphasized the importance of discipline and professionalism among the officers, as they would be representing not only Uganda but also the entire UPF in Somalia.


He stressed the need for upholding the highest standards of conduct and performance. Omoding highlighted the fact that their actions would be closely observed by counterparts from other countries.

Teamwork emerged as a crucial factor for success in their mission, with SCP Omoding underscoring its significance. Encouraging the officers to work cohesively, he emphasized the value of unity and collaboration, urging them to leverage their collective expertise to accomplish their objectives.


He further encouraged the officers to view their deployment as an opportunity to gain invaluable experience, which they could later contribute to the development and advancement of Uganda.

Furthermore, SCP Omoding emphasized the officers’ well-being and personal security. He urged them to prioritize their physical and mental health, emphasizing the significance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle and seeking necessary support whenever required. SCP Omoding also encouraged the officers to nurture their spiritual well-being, recognizing the importance of faith and prayer as sources of strength and guidance.

The deployment of these ten UPF officers to Somalia underscores Uganda’s unwavering commitment to international security efforts. It serves as a testament to the professionalism and dedication of the Uganda Police Force. Equipped with comprehensive training and guidance, these officers are prepared to represent Uganda with distinction, upholding the core values of the UPF and contributing to the restoration of peace and stability in Somalia.

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