The War Against ADF Is Just Beginning: Vows CDF Mbadi As He Meets DRC Security Boss

The War Against ADF Is Just Beginning: Vows CDF Mbadi As He Meets DRC Security Boss

By Spy Uganda

The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces, CDF, General Wilson Mbasu Mbadi and his counterpart, the Chief of General Staff Lieutenant General Christian Tshiwewe Songesa of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo have today held a joint meeting to review and evaluate the progress of Operation Shujaa.

The meeting is part of the Memorandum of Understanding between the governments of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to jointly fight the Allied Democratic Forces rebels in Eastern DRC.

Gen Wilson Mbadi said the meeting comes at a critical stage that requires better decision-making by the joint forces.

”Our efforts must bring peace and security in Eastern DRC, especially in the area of Operation Shujaa to enable our people to engage in socio-economic activities for their well-being and cross-border trade,” said Gen Mbadi as he commended the people of Eastern DRC for being hardworking and only require peace and security from their government.

“Your presence here today is a clear testimony of the importance you attach to the existing bilateral relations between our two countries which are growing by strength. Not only the importance you attach to the bilateral relations but also to Operation Shujaa for the pacification of that part of the country,” Gen Mbadi said as he welcomed his counterpart, Lt Gen Tshiwewe.

The CDF said that the UPDF and FARDC should continue to enhance cooperation in defence, especially in the areas of training and explore available opportunities in the defence industries for the mutual benefit of the two brotherly countries.

Lt Gen Tshiwewe paid tribute and compassion to the UPDF troops who lost their lives and those injured in the battleground during the ongoing Operation Shujaa for the benefit of bringing peace.  “We do not take for granted the sacrifice of the fallen UPDF men and women, casualties in the battleground and the families of the bereaved colleagues for the peace they have won for the good of the rest of the people in DRC and Uganda,” Lt Gen Tshiwewe noted.

He saluted Lt Gen Kayanja Muhanga the Commander Land Force, Maj Gen Dick Olum the overall Commander of Operation Shujaa and Mountain Division Commander, and Maj Gen James Birungi the Chief of Military Intelligence for their tremendous work in Operation Shujaa.

The meeting was attended by the Commander Land Force, Lt Gen Kayanja Muhanga, Mountain Division/Operation Shujaa Commander, Maj Gen Dick Prit Olum, Chief of Military Intelligence, Maj Gen James Birungi, Maj Gen Christian Ndayewel Okura (CMI FARDC), Maj Gen Mpenzo Mbele Bruno (Commander 34th Military region, North Kivu) and Senior Officers from UPDF and FARDC. an accessible web community

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