Tooro Parents Education Centre Scoops AFRIYEA Inter-school Golf Championship 2023

Tooro Parents Education Centre Scoops AFRIYEA Inter-school Golf Championship 2023

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The AFRIYEA Inter-school Golf Championship 2023 held at the Toro Club in Fort Portal was a great success as Tooro Parents Education Centre emerged the overall winners of the championship beating the defending champion Banyatereza Golden Memorial School who finished as runners-up.

The second edition of the AFRIYEA Inter-school golf championship provided children from different backgrounds an opportunity to play golf and compete for various prizes.

According to one of the organizers of these competitions, they demonstrated the success of junior golf development, with AFRIYEA Golf Academy increasing participation and provision of lessons to students of all skill sets.
Pupils Of Tooro Parents

“This tournament was much more than an opportunity for young golfers to show their skills on the course, it was an avenue for the growth of grass-roots golf development,” says the organizers.

They add that junior golf is the future of the sport and it is exciting to see that the AFRIYEA Inter-school golf championship is helping to produce the next generation of golfers.

“With the introduction of golf in schools and the engagement we see through platforms like the AFRIYEA Golf Academy, the sport is gaining more attention and much-needed recognition within the education circles.”

The inter-school golf program has been instrumental in providing children with exposure to the game at a young age, making it easier for them to learn and develop their skills.

“The success of the junior golfers in this tournament is a testament to the effectiveness of these programs in promoting grassroots development of the sport. We are confident that with this engagement, we will see an increase in the number of young golfers in the country and a progression of the sport to a higher level,” adds the organizers.

“Overall, the AFRIYEA Inter-school golf championship has been a resounding success and we hope to see more of these tournaments in the future. Not only do they provide a platform for young golfers to showcase their skills, but they are also an excellent tool for grassroots development of the sport,” they add.

“With continued efforts from organizations like the AFRIYEA Golf Academy, we anticipate the continuation of golf’s growth in the country.WINNERSOverall winner Tooro Parents education centreRunners upBanyatereza Golden Memorial.” 


Overall winner; Tooro Parents education centre

Runners up; Banyatereza Golden Memorial.

Best Male Pupil; Ayesiga Alfred from Njara Primary School

Ayesiga Alfred


Best Female; Rovina Guma from Buhinga primary school. an accessible web community

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