Top Security Commanders Set Strategies To Consolidate Peace In Sebei, Bugisu And Karamoja

Top Security Commanders Set Strategies To Consolidate Peace In Sebei, Bugisu And Karamoja

By Spy Uganda

Senior leaders and top security commanders met and discussed how best to consolidate peace despite challenges in Sebei, Karamoja and Bugisu Subregions.

The senior leaders convened an inter-district security coordination meeting held at Chepskunya Town Council, Kween district.

The meeting brought together Resident District Commissioners (RDCs), District Chairpersons of Nabilatuk, Nakapiripirit, Kween and Bulambuli and top commanders of disarmament Operations. “Fighting criminality is a collective effort. Let’s embrace peace and denounce criminality” remarked, Tukei William, RDC for Kween District and Chairman of the Adhoc committee meeting.

Tukei noted that the wrong elements that quite often disturb peace in communities are few and sometimes known to some local leaders. “As leaders, I urge you to identify and isolate some criminals amidst us. We must demonstrate positive leadership styles,” said Tukei

The Uganda Peoples’ Defence Forces (UPDF), 3rd Division Commander, Brig Gen Joseph Balikudembe explained that much as the ‘Usalama Kwa Wote’ operation has registered significant achievements, much work is required by the local council system to sustain the peace. “Cooperation, close coordination and commitment are vital, if we are to sustain peace. We should never revert to previous hard times,” said Gen Balikudembe.

He further stressed that the ongoing simultaneous cordon and search operations leave no room and freedom of action for criminals who steal livestock in the neighborhood, adding that culprits can be arrested, taken back, and tried within the jurisdiction where they are said to have committed the offence.

Gen Balikudembe thanked the leaders for the candid discussion and their acceptance to concretize workable resolutions to sustain peace and avoid any inter-district incursions.

Ayo Jacinta, Deputy RDC for Nabilatuk district called for affirmative action and recognized the role of women in creating and sustaining peace. “Women are very good change agents. Let us positively involve them, engage communities to support security forces where need be ” Ayo said.


Stanley Bayole, RDC for Bulambuli District stressed that for a couple of months, his area of jurisdiction has been relatively calm. He recognized the tireless efforts made by security forces and appealed for the stakeholders to continue upholding the existing resolutions.

Bayole said the district leadership shall empower the people of Bulambuli to be more vigilant in terms of ensuring neighborhood security patterns.

Brig Gen Felix Busizoori, the Deputy Division Commander called up local leaders to delightfully execute their critical roles as the main effort of nurturing successive generations and promoting of societal values lies with them.


He urged local leaders to work hard, desist from any compromise and promote the well-being of their subordinates and the people.

Commissioner of Police, Elias Kasirabo, commandant Anti Stock Theft Unit (ASTU) reported that the operation against illicit waragi (a potent local gin) has registered a number of strides, leading to a reduction in crimes in the Karamoja Sub-region.

The inter-district security meeting, reached a number of workable resolutions and strategies for sustainable security and peace among neighboring districts.

Present were: Senior officers from UPDF, Police, ASTU, Internal Security Organisation (ISO), Uganda Wild Authority (UWA) and over 50 local leaders from lower local governments. an accessible web community

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