Traders Agree To Reopen Businesses After Meeting President Museveni

Traders Agree To Reopen Businesses After Meeting President Museveni

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Traders protesting the unfair Electronic Fiscal Receipting and Invoicing Solution(EFRIS) system by Uganda Revenue Authority( URA) have finally agreed to reopen their businesses after meeting with President Museveni who summoned them for a way forward.

President Museveni met and held discussions with the leadership of traders in Kampala and upcountry districts at State House Entebbe on Friday following a strike by traders who closed their businesses, expressing their discontent against EFRIS which was implemented by URA in 2021.

The discussions mainly centered on the taxation levied on their businesses, especially by the EFRIS system.

During the meeting, the President informed the traders that he will meet the technocrats from the Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development and URA on the 24th, April 2024 for wider consultations.

The President also noted that he will then meet with all the traders on 7thMay2024 at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds.

President Museveni further directed that all penalties should be suspended by the URA for the meantime to give room for wider consultations.

”I have asked the traders to give me time to research more and consult the technocrats on all the concerns they raised. I will then meet them all on 7th May, 2024, at Kololo to discuss further. In the meantime, I have directed that URA refrain from issuing penalties and recovering any penalties that have already been issued, but taxpayers must continue to pay their taxes as usual” President Museveni said.

The leaders of the traders agreed to reopen their businesses as they continue to consult further with the government.

The delegation of 61 leaders was led by Mr. Kabanda John, the leader of the Federation of Uganda’s Traders Associations (FUTA) and Dr. Musoke Thadeus Agenda, the leader of Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA).

The meeting was also attended by Mr. Issa Ssekito, the Spokesperson of KACITA.

The traders commenced their strike earlier this week which has seen the majority of shops in down town closed since 08 April 2024. The traders are protesting the enforcement of the EFRIS system, saying that they were not sensitized and also lack the requisite infrastructure to use the system. an accessible web community

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