Two Wins & A Draw For Uganda In Day 2 Of EAC Games

Two Wins & A Draw For Uganda In Day 2 Of EAC Games

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Uganda started the day with a decisive victory against the East African Legislative Assembly in netball on Wednesday, 8 December 2021.

The EALA team was humbled 46:22 but that was before the football match between Kenya and Uganda, cheekily dubbed the ‘Migingo Derby’, in relation to the silent embers of rivalry over the tiny rocky island in Lake Victoria.

The first half ended with Uganda comfortably ahead of Kenya with 3-0, but a series of mistakes at Uganda’s defense line, midfield and goal-keeping errors saw the Kenyans quickly rebound to a 3-3 draw in under an hour.

Two penalties gave Kenya the last two goals.

Later, the female handball team would again prevail upon the East African Legislative Assembly team 45 against 22, giving Ugandans two wins, despite a draw in the game against Kenya, which was arguably the day’s most significant game.

Uganda has had a commendable start in the games, where Zanzibar, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda are participating.

The main rivalry is between Uganda and Kenya.

About These Games

EALA mooted the idea of the Inter-Parliamentary Games tournament in the Year 2009. The games were institutionalised as an annual activity of the EALA and the National Assemblies. At the same time, the games were initiated to enhance interaction with the citizenry of the Partner States and as a mode of sensitisation and popularisation of the Regional Integration process.

Under the arrangement, EALA coordinates the tournament while the hosting National Assembly / Parliament organises and offers other logistical support to ensure a successful tournament.

According to EAC, the Inter-Parliamentary Games tournament is a key aspect of building relations between the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) and the National Assemblies in the EAC region in line with Article 49(2)(a) of the Treaty for the establishment of the East African Community. an accessible web community

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