Tycoon Desh Kananura, UNBS Board Chairman Musekuura In Bitter Split over UGX500M Debt

Tycoon Desh Kananura, UNBS Board Chairman Musekuura In Bitter Split over UGX500M Debt

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: City tycoon and rally driver Andrew Desh Kananura is in a bitter split with his brother in-law, Mr. Charles Musekuura.

Musekura, who marries Kananura’s young sister is a distinguished career diplomat and
Chairman Board of Uganda National standards council, which over sees Uganda Bureau of standards

Kananura accuses Musekura of playing hide and seek games after he allegedly borrowed him shs500m in 2022 and failed to pay as agreed.


“I borrowed him shs500m of which he signed for shs400m. When he failed to pay, we later on agreed to exchange my money with his land situated on plot 25 Bukasa Hill view road, which is a 49 year lease land from Uganda Land Commission (ULC/210/108) volume 3475, folio 13,” Kananura told our reporter on Thursday during an exclusive interview.

Kananura, the proprietor of Naguru based Panamera bar also accused the UNBS Chairman and career diplomat of having received a bribe from former UNBS Executive Director David Livingstone Ebiru worth shs100m under the watchful eyes of Panamera CCTV cameras, in order to ‘save’ his (Ebiru) job that was at stake at the time, which still he has since lost to the newly appointed E.D Kasigwa James Nkamwesiga.


It should be remembered that late last year, the then UNBS E.D Ebiru, before parliament’s COSASE committee admitted to having given a bribe of shs100m to Chairman Board, Charles Musekura to allegedly wet his beak in exchange to saving his job.

However, in the subsequent interface, Ebiru withdrew the statement and apologized to Musekura, arguing that he did it out of anger, but that it wasn’t true. Partly, this was the basis as to why IGG discontinued the investigations citing lack of incriminating evidence.

But in the turn of events, Kananura has now vowed to bring evidence claiming his brother in-law Musekura received the said moneys at his hangout, Panamera bar in Naguru.


“I’m ready to testify. My CCTV cameras captured him receiving the money. In fact, he wanted to keep it with me, but I declined. I didn’t understand the whole thing until I saw Ebiru pinning him before COSASE that he gave him shs100m. IGG closed this file claiming there was no sufficient evidence, let Kamya (IGG) or DPP sanction this file again and call me to testify, I will, with evidence,” added Kananura.

Musekura Speaks Out

Via a phone interview with our chief spy Andrew Irumba, Musekura vehemently rubbished the claims and called Kananura a pathological liar, who doesn’t deserve any one’s ear and attention.

“Unfortunately I’m at the airport travelling out of the country, but I would have loved to meet you in person and furnish you with empirical evidence and a shame that brother in-law of mine. But first forward;

1- I have never sold my land to Mr.Kananura and he has never borrowed me shs500m as he alleges, nga sente azijawa oyo? Let me remind your readers, on September, 30, 2012 a Panamera staff called Badru Katerega was killed at his bar allegedly through mob justice. Court, in its wisdom arrested and charged Desh Kananura, his brother Raymond Kananura, a security guard Samuel Muzolewa, Cyrus Maganda and Jacob Onyango in connection to the incident.

In fact, Kananura was held as the prime suspect and was arrested on January 19, 2013 at Entebbe International airport on his return from UK, where he had sought refuge for some time. In 2013, court allowed them to get bail, including Desh and Raymond. As
family, we had to look for money to pay court’s cash bail conditions. Other relatives stood for Kananura
as I stood for Raymond, of which they needed shs35m cash. In pursuit for money earlier enough in case
court granted them cash bail as we anticipated as family, I had handed over my land title to Kananura
and given him powers of Attorney on my land on December, 15, 2012 to use it to get money for bail. It’s
this facility that helped in getting the shs35m for his brother Raymond Kananura, whom I stood for in
court. This is how the title ended up in Kananura’s hands. I was trying to help him, he is paying me this

2- This land belongs to ULC, I acquired it through a lease, and the first lease expired in 2019, while still in
the hands of Mr. Kananura. He saw it expiring, because it was in his hands at the time. So, if he says I
sold to him ‘hot-air’ in 2022, when the title had expired in 2019, in his own hands, what type of ‘tea’ had
he drunk during the so-called ‘transaction’?! So who is a Pathological liar? I have just renewed this year
in January again after cancelling the powers of Attorney I had given him.

3-He goes around telling everyone that he spent over shs100m in my campaigns and he wants it back, but how could he have spent more than the candidate?! Moreover with no evidence to begin with. So if I
wanted to back what evidence would he bring to me?“

Meanwhile, It has emerged that after the vigorous interviews for the most coveted position at UNBS,
the 3rd performer, Eng. James Nkamwesiga Kasigwa was appointed as new Executive Director by the line
minister Hon. Francis Mwebesa. Watch out for our next edition in hours about this huge scandal as well.

Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a Government Agency responsible for the Developing,
Promotion and Enforcement of National Standards in order to protect the Health and Safety of the
Public and the Environment against Harmful and Sub-Standard Products; as well as Promoting Fair Trade
Practices and Competition.

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