Uber Launches New Feature That Allows Users To Send Items To Each Other Through The App

Uber Launches New Feature That Allows Users To Send Items To Each Other Through The App

By Andrew Irumba

Uber has announced the launch of Uber Connect, a feature that allows users to send packages to family and friends through the app.

product provides a cost-effective same-day, no-contact delivery solution for
family and friends while encouraging them to remain at home and practice social

Tindiseega, the Country Manager for Uber in Uganda explains that; “During this COVID-19
crisis, we have been working around the clock to find innovative ways to
leverage our technology to assist consumers to move essential care packages
while also enhancing earnings opportunities for drivers on our platform.”


Connect can be used to deliver a variety of items such as care packages,
groceries and much-needed supplies to loved ones while ensuring all social
distancing and government directives are followed.

virtual gatherings becoming the new reality, special occasions and family
traditions can still be memorable as Uber connects loved ones by moving what
matters the most.


it works:

the items in a sealed box or bag, wiping down surfaces with disinfectant.

your driver ‘Where to?’ in your Uber app.


Uber Connect as the ride (you may have to swipe up for the option)

the notifications: You’ll get notifications providing instructions on how to
help ensure a smooth pickup and when your driver-partner is arriving, just as
you would with an UberX trip.

you see the car approach in the app, you should head outside and load your item
into the car boot.

the trip status with up to 5 people in your contact list. Unless it’s a
surprise gift, one of these should be the recipient so they can easily monitor
the delivery’s progress.

remains a priority and Uber is committed to equipping all users of the app with
the information needed to keep safe.

date, Uber has been working with manufacturers and distributors to provide
drivers with disinfectants and cloth masks as well as tips to follow to help
keep the Uber community safe.

is providing up to 14 days of financial assistance to drivers diagnosed with
COVID-19 or ordered to self-quarantine by a doctor or public health authority,
including where they have a pre-existing health condition that puts them at
higher risk.


Uber’s mission is to help people get a ride at the push of a button – everywhere and for everyone. They started in 2009 to solve a simple problem – how do you get a ride at the touch of a button?

With over 10 billion trips later, they’ve started tackling an even greater challenge: reducing congestion and pollution in the cities by getting more people into fewer cars.

is available in sixteen cities in Sub-Saharan Africa (Cape Town, Durban,
Joburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth, East London, Nairobi, Mombasa, Lagos, Abuja,
Benin City, Abidjan Kampala, Accra, Kumasi and Dar es Salaam).

Overall, the Uber network is available in over 100000 cities in over 65 countries. To request a ride, users must download the free application for Android, iPhone, Blackberry 7, or register for Uber at www. (https://poshsidekick.com/) uber.com/go.

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