Uganda Airlines To Add Nsenene On Its Menu Due To Passengers Demand

Uganda Airlines To Add Nsenene On Its Menu Due To Passengers Demand

By Spy Uganda 

Kampala, Entebbe: Uganda Airlines has released a statement condemning the act of passengers illegally and unprofessionally selling local delicacy (Nsenene) at the airport.

Nsenene is the Luganda name for Ruspolia differens: a bush cricket in the tribe Copiphorini of the ‘cone-head’ subfamily.

“Uganda Airlines’ attention has been drawn to a video of passengers on our flight no. 446 to Dubai on 26th November 2021 from Entebbe engaged in purchasing a local delicacy (Nsenene),” says the Airline.

It adds, “This happened at a time our passengers were boarding, and it was disrup- tive. We don’t condone the acts of the passenger selling Nsenene and low standards of serving it to people who were buying it. We will not take this conduct on board lightly because it undermines the spirit of the National Carrier.”

But on thereother hand, the Airline has promised that it is now set to add nsenene on its menu due to the passengers’ demand.

“We have picked lessons from the incident. Some of our customers enjoy Nsenene. We understand that they were not in plenty this season hence the excitement. We are considering adding Nsenene, a Ugandan delicacy, to our menu for regional and international flights on request. This addition of Nsenene on our menu will bring the Ugandan culture to the world. Our key products are people and the experience,” reads the statement.

Uganda Airlines’ Statement

According to the Airline, this move will boost tourism marketing and the livelihood of people in the grasshopper value chain going forward.

“We are in talks with passengers involved, and if thera is another occurrence of such conduct on Board, the passenger will be off-loaded without further consideration. No one should be exposed to an unruly market experience on our flight. The unacceptable disruptive behaviour pravents the pertormance of critical duties of the flight,” adds the Airline. an accessible web community

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