Uganda, Cuba Celebrate 50 Years Of Diplomatic Ties, Shared Values

Uganda, Cuba Celebrate 50 Years Of Diplomatic Ties, Shared Values

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Kampala: Marking half a century since the inception of diplomatic relations between Kampala and Havana on May 9, 1974, Uganda and Cuba on Thursday celebrated their enduring partnership, as affirmed by the Embassy of Cuba in Kampala.

In a joint statement, released on Thursday 9 May 2024, both capitals highlighted the robust and flourishing bilateral relations across diverse sectors including political cooperation, education, and sports.

”Uganda and Cuba have relished uninterrupted and very strong relations and cooperation
in political field, and at the same time, we have many potentialities to become our bilateral
cooperation in an example of the South-South Cooperation”, H.E Tania Perez Xiquez, Cuba’s ambassador to Uganda said in a statement.

”We express our gratitude to Uganda for the historical support to the Cuban Revolution,
and we would like to highlight the National Resistance Movement delegation that headed
by its Secretary General attended the 7th African Continental Meeting of Solidarity with
Cuba held last January in South Africa and also the enthusiastic National Meeting on
Solidarity with Cuba that was closed by Cuban Vice President in Ugandan Christian
University on January 20, 2024”, HE Tania Perez added.

The ties between the two nations have remained steadfast, with a focus on mutual support and collaboration. Notably, the Scholarships program offered by the Cuban government and the Mbarara University (MUST) Project stand out as shining examples of this partnership.

”In the long common history, we have worked together mainly in education and sports, standing out the Scholarships program offered by Cuban government and the Mbarara University (MUST) Project” she further noted.

Last year, Uganda re-opened her embassy in Havana with H.E Elizabeth Musaazi appointed as ambassador to Cuba. Previous Cuban envoys to Uganda include H.E Mr Francisco Javier Viamontes Correa and Antonio Luis Pubillones.

Cuba has reaffirmed its support for Uganda’s leadership roles in the Group of 77+ China and the Non-Aligned Movement. The Embassy extended its best wishes for success in managing these responsibilities during these critical times for humanity.

President Yoweri Museveni has previously met the Historic Leader of the Cuban Revolution, El Comandante Fidel Castro and his brother Raul Castro.

The Flourishing Uganda-Cuba Relations Since 1970s.

Diplomatic relations between Uganda and Cuba date back to the 1970s, encompassing political, economic, and cultural exchanges. The foundation of this solid relationship was laid during the Cold War era when Cuba, led Fidel Alejandro Castro supported various African nations, including Uganda in their struggles for independence and against apartheid.

In the healthcare sector, Cuba has been actively assisting Uganda by sending medical professionals to address healthcare challenges. This collaboration involves the exchange of expertise, training programs, and Cuban support in Uganda’s healthcare infrastructure development.

The bilateral relations between Uganda and Cuba have flourished through economic cooperation, trade agreements, and educational exchanges and the Friendship Medal awarded to Kahinda Otafiire, as mentioned above, signifies the commitment to strengthening ties between the two nations.

On several occasions, the president of the Republic of Uganda, Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has commended Cuba’s role in the anti-imperialism struggle, singling out the country’s former leader Fidel Castro’s contribution to Uganda and Africa at large.

“I salute the heroic role of the Cuban People and Party in the anti-Imperialist struggle, especially your role in Angola,” President Museveni said in his speech that was delivered by Vice President Jessica Alupo at the summit in September 2023 in Havana, Cuba.

The President also commended the Cuban government for Cuba doctors who helped Uganda to start the now famous Mbarara University of Science and Technology with four of its first five members of staff coming from Havana.

Cuba has a reputation for having a strong healthcare system, and Uganda has benefited from Cuban medical expertise with several Ugandan students having received scholarships to study in Cuba, particularly in the field of medicine. an accessible web community

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