Uganda Deploys More 160 Police Officers To Somalia

Uganda Deploys More 160 Police Officers To Somalia an accessible web community

By Spy Uganda 

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has said it has received 160 Formed Police Unit (FPU) personnel from Uganda to help enhance stabilization efforts in the Horn of Africa country.

The new contingent, which arrived in Mogadishu on Tuesday to begin their one-year tour of duty, will support the advancement of the AMISOM Police mandate, enhancing rule of law and stabilization efforts in Somalia.

“We are going to work with colleagues from other police-contributing countries to help build the forces of Somalia during the transition period, to help restore peace,” deputy contingent commander Daniel Okello said.

Uganda is one of AMISOM’s police-contributing countries. Other contributors are Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Zambia.

“We must work with a lot of agility and serve with discipline,” Okello said, adding that the contingent will join colleagues from other police-contributing countries to support the Somali Police Force to secure the ongoing elections.

The new contingent will also perform duties such as guarding key government installations, conducting patrols, ensuring public order, and guarding VIPs and high-level events.

The AMISOM Police component is made up of the FPUs who provide operational support and individual police officers (IPOs) who train, mentor and advise Somali police officers. an accessible web community

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