‘Uganda, South Sudan Ink USD30m Secret Military Deal’-Ex-ISO Operative Spills Secrets

‘Uganda, South Sudan Ink USD30m Secret Military Deal’-Ex-ISO Operative Spills Secrets

By Spy Reporter

Kampala: Our Spies within  government have revealed to this website that the governments of South Sudan and Uganda have signed a secret 6-month military contract, which will authorize Ugandan and South Sudanese soldiers to operate jointly in South Sudan,.

The information was first released by a former intelligence officer, who accuses the Uganda and South Sudan Presidents of constantly working against peace at night, while claiming to work for peace during day time. In an exclusive interview with the South Sudan News Agency (SSNA) on Sunday, James Moises, a former Ugandan spy, claims that a clandestine security deal was signed by the two governments on June 26, 2019 at State House, Entebbe. James alleged that Ugandan government leaders are working day and night to ensure that South Sudanese President Salva Kiir keeps ruling South Sudan without any adversaries.

When asked to explain how he got to Know the deal that was infact signed by the two governments and the intention of the agreement, James simply  said the South Sudan President was working against the September 2018 peace deal. “You know I was a spy in the Ugandan Internal Security Organisation (ISO) for nearly two decades. South Susan was one of my projects. I knew enough about the presidential dealings. My knowledge is deep within the ISO and I have enough contacts within the agency,” the former intelligence agent explained. “This new deal is all about allowing Ugandan troops to operate secretly alongside South Sudanese troops. This agreement is also not known to the outside world, let alone Ugandans,” James disclosed. However, this is not the first time James accuses Ugandan and South Sudanese governments on secret dealings. The ex-spy was the first foreigner who exposed Ugandan military deployment in South Sudan in 2013 before the civil war broke out and was also the first to expose high level military dealings between the two countries before the war begun. However, by the time we went to the press, the UPDF spokesperson Brig. Richard Karemire wasn’t readily available for a comment since his phones were constantly  busy.

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