Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania Kick Off Preparations To Host AFCON 2027

Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania Kick Off Preparations To Host AFCON 2027

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Kampala: The Confederation of African Football (CAF) recently confirmed that Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania will jointly host the 2027 Africa Cup of Nations. This announcement has stirred both excitement and anticipation within and beyond Uganda. Preparations are already in full swing to ensure a successful tournament.

The three countries are working around the clock to improve on the infrastructures especially the stadiums to be ready before the final inspection slated for January 2026.

The state minister for sports Peter Ogwang revealed that preparations for the upcoming tournament are in high gear in the three countries with  a committee in place to ensure that preparations go as planned and timely in both countries.

According to Ogwang, the three countries are mooting plans to scrape off visas or single visas across the region.

”Our heads of state are going to sit and come up with one position, am very sure we shall will be looking at a single visa for anyone coming into the three countries” adding that tournament will widen and strengthen the integration process of the East African Community. The task began as soon as we received official confirmation from CAF,” Ogwang added.

Ogwang highlighted the government’s significant investment in upgrading existing stadiums and building new ones to meet international standards adding that this isn’t just about the Africa Cup of Nations; it’s about leaving a lasting legacy for Ugandan sports. But infrastructure extends beyond stadiums. ( The minister also emphasized the importance of building state-of-the-art training centers to elevate the national teams’ preparation.

“We need a strong organizational structure,” Ogwang said noting the importance of efficient management systems, logistical planning, and coordination among various stakeholders. The government is seeking partnerships and sponsorships to support the preparations, uniting local and international entities to secure necessary funding.

Hosting the Africa Cup of Nations is a golden opportunity for Uganda to showcase its potential as a sporting nation as well as the broader state of sports in Uganda.

Ogwanga further acknowledged the recent achievements in athletics, football, and boxing. At the same time, he emphasized the need for increased investment in grassroots sports development, talent identification, and coaching programs.

“By nurturing young talent and providing them with the necessary support, Uganda can continue to produce world-class athletes and build a sustainable sports ecosystem,” he said.

Indeed, with the Africa Cup of Nations as a catalyst, Uganda has the opportunity to elevate its sports sub-sector and inspire a new generation of athletes. As the world watches, Uganda is set to rise to the occasion, making sports a beacon of hope and unity for the nation. an accessible web community

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