Ugandan Students In India Launch Association To Facilitate Internship Placements

Ugandan Students In India Launch Association To Facilitate Internship Placements

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: Ugandan students in India have launched an association named Association of Uganda Students in India (AUSI) to facilitate internship placements during their study programs as well as securing their well being.

The Association was launched on November 2, 2023 with over 120 students who attended the virtual ceremony noting that internship placements have been a big challenge to Ugandan students in India.

According to Mr Rajesh Chaplot, the patron of AUSI who has served in different capacities as a social and business leader in Uganda and India, the association was born out of the need to create a platform where Ugandan students studying in India can raise their voices and connect with the right people so they can be heard on different issues that concern them such as acquiring internship opportunities.

“In May, 2023 the High Commission to Uganda invited me to attend an event in Entebbe where I witnessed Ugandan students dance for the India audience. I was happy and reached out to Ugandan university students across India to create a platform to bring them together while they study,” Mr Rajesh said while congratulating the AUSI executive committee that comprises of students from various universities in India on forming such an initiative.

Furthermore, Mr Rajesh noted that UASI will help Ugandan students to get connected with Indian corporates to get internships in India as well act as a link body to talk on their behalf with the Ugandan High Commission in India, to share information of Ugandan High Commission immediately through the WhatsApp group created for the students, to share joys and sorrows and experience of Ugandan students.

Speaking during the launch, Hon.Dickson Kateshumbwa a former commissioner for customs at Uganda Revenue Authority(URA) and Sheema Municipality legislator encouraged students to prioritize studies and work on building a positive attitude as it sets the pace for success in the job market.

”Whatever you do, make sure that you do not come back as an academic failure, however, aside from education, there are other important things like the job market, attitude and character. it does not matter if you come with a first class degree, the moment you step out of university, the character and attitude step in front of you” Kateshumbwa said.

Meanwhile, Moses Asiimwe, the chairman AUSI noted that the Association lives with the vision to foster strong academics and cultural bonds between Uganda and India to galvanize social cohesion as well as operates under the mission to provide a spring board for Ugandan students studying in India to connect, collaborate and grow academically, professionally and in terms of culture.

Asiimwe further commended over 100 participants in the launch for the spirit of community and friendship that AUSI strives to foster. These included university student leaders from countries like Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa, Rwanda and other countries regions.

“Today marks an exciting new chapter of Ugandans in India, I look forward to working with you to make AUSI a thriving hub that brings its value to its members and makes a positive impact,’ he said.

AUSI aims to facilitate sharing knowledge, internship opportunities and leadership programmes to grow efficient business leaders and professionals with a deep understanding of the Indian and Ugandan markets. an accessible web community

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