UK Prime Minister Johnson Cheats Death In Accident Outside Parliament

UK Prime Minister Johnson Cheats Death In Accident Outside Parliament

By Spy Uganda Correspondent

United Kingdom: Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, survived an accident that his convoy got involved in on Wednesday as he left Parliament, although no one was injured, authorities in UK have revealed.

The Minister was leaving the Houses of Parliament in central London on Wednesday when a protester ran into Johnson’s convoy, causing a crash of vehicles.

Boris Johnson’s car after it was crashed

Following the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions at the Parliament, Boris Johnson was leaving Westminster in his car, followed by his security staff in a Range Rover when the incident happened.

​A video filmed by one of the by-standers shows a protester running in the middle of the road in front of the PM’s car. The driver of the Jaguar, carrying Johnson, hit the brakes, causing the following vehicle to crash into its rear end.

Cops battling with the protester

Following the incident, both cars drove away from Westminster, leaving agitated protesters and police behind.

The news quickly spread on social media, and comments to the video poured in.

PM Boris Johnson watched the drama from the side mirror of his car

At approximately 14:30hrs today, 17 June, two police vehicles were involved in a collision in Parliament Square.

The police vehicles were part of a security movement.

A pedestrian is reported to have stepped onto the road, causing the vehicles to suddenly stop, which led to two of the vehicles in the convoy being involved in a damage-only collision. No injuries were reported.

The protester after being arrested

A man,  yet to be identified,  was arrested at the scene for offences under Section 5 of the Public Order Act and for obstructing the highway. All vehicles were able to drive from the scene later. (thisnation)

Prime Minister’s Question Time, also referred to as PMQs, takes place every Wednesday the House of Commons sits.

However, the incident happens just a few weeks after PM Boris Johnson has just recovered from a bout of Coronavirus which almost took him out of action.

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