Update: UPDF Kills Two Terrorists Behind Kasese School Attack

Update: UPDF Kills Two Terrorists Behind Kasese School Attack

By Spy Uganda

Kampala: President Museveni has confirmed that the 11th Battalion of the Uganda Peoples’ Defense Forces (UPDF) killed two terrorists and captured two women linked to the killings at Lhubiriha Secondary School in Kasese District in western Uganda.

In June this year, ruthless assailants attacked Lhubiriha Secondary School and killed at least 37 people including students.

Following the attack, security forces including UPDF, and police with the help of DR Congo army kicked off operations to hunt for the assailants through which some have been captured and killed with the latest suspects captured among the attackers identified as Abu wa Kasi, a group of Tanzanian Arab and two women at Mayongosi, Southeast of Beni Town.


”We are always coordinating with the very friendly Congolese Army to ensure that we do not make mistakes of attacking wrong targets. However, on the ground, yesterday, our squad of the 11th battalion fought with the group of the Tanzanian Arab, Abu wa Kasi, that sent the group that cut the children of Lhubiriha Secondary School. They killed two terrorists and captured two women” President Museveni said in a statement.

“I have told the UPDF to enable those women to talk to the media so that Ugandans and Congolese share a bit with us what we know about those terrorist” he added


According to president Museveni, the security forces in the Kasese area are hunting for a group led by a Congolese by the names of Kamusu, the remnants of Njovu’s group that was responsible for the killing of the tourists.

“We are sharpening our detection and search techniques because it seems the terrorists have found the forests of Congo too risky, and they are trying to infiltrate back into Uganda in small groups,” he said adding that ”the task now is to detect and destroy the small groups either in Uganda or Congo near the towns.“

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